Friday, September 02, 2005

On a lighter note: A lame attempt to keep my head from exploding...

The funkiest of Funky Bees tagged me. I've already done one of these, so I picked the fun questions I liked and will answer those...

Seven:things that are in my fridge right now...
1. Lemon meringue pie (yummm)
2. Sliced deli turkey
3. ‘Picy Mootard (spicy mustard)
4. Diet root beer
5. Leftover baked chicken
6. Diet Caffeine-Free Coke and Diet Caffeine-Free Dr. Pepper
7. Flower seeds

Television programs that are on my 'Now Playing List' on my TiVo...I don't have TiVo but if I did….
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Brat Camp
3. 30-Minute Meals with Rachel Ray
4. The Daily Show
5. Family Guy
6. American Dad
7. Lost

7 of the items in my lingerie drawer….
1. “Martini” panties….white with varied martinis on them
2. The best pushup bra in the WORLD. Crimson and paisley.
3. VERY FEW thongs. Anal floss is the devil.
4. Red corset and panty set.
5. My favorite pink babydoll.
6. A black body stocking that goes great with any little dress.
7. Some bills.

Things I should be doing right now, instead of wasting time on the computer...
1. Reading
2. Reading
3. Reading
4. Eating my lemon meringue pie
5. Reading
6. Reading
7. Prepping for Monday’s labs


  1. Only because you're expecting it from me--any future HNT pics with the best pushup bra in the WORLD? Preferably being utilized in the function for which it was built?

    Not to rush you or push you, since you should be reading.... Are you close to finishing my project? I've got my first entrant finished, and I'd probably like to unveil things this next week if possible. Let me know!

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

  2. Right on! I haven't seen Family Guy in at least a week and I'm missin' it.

    I'll get it to you!

    And don't bet the ranch on the bra!

  3. Andi-

    Huzzah. We get to see more of a snapshot of your life. I know exactly what you watch now. Okay, sure, I haven't heard of half of those shows (probably because they don't involved genetically altered human in spandex and/or zombies). Anyway, hope things are going fabulously for you.


    P.S. You and Os have code language. It frightens me.
    P.P.S. Early fall is a great time for kayaking. *wink wink.*

  4. Law & Order SVU. I love Christopher Meloni!

  5. Who is Chrstipher Melon?? Must google!

    It was fantastic.


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