Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Two fabulous things going on:

First, the good news I've been witholding....D. got the job in DALLAS! Yayyy! He posted it on his blog, so that's free reign for me to do the happy dance here.

Second, I may well be CRAZY, but I'm going to submit a proposal to present a paper at a BIG HONKIN' Children's Lit. conference in L.A. The proposal is due in by November 30th, and the conference is in July. If, by some wacky chance, I did get to present, I would also be meeting some incredibly important people in the field. That fact makes my stomach churn and my butt pucker, but I'm willing to press on and do it anyway.

Wish me luck!

On TV: Making the Band 3...again...since they sucked ass last year.
Music: Lil Kim...The Jump Off
Reading: Lots of stuff that pertains to papers and the like.
In my head: Scramble.


  1. Awesome news!!!
    I'll wish you luck, but I don't think you need it :)
    Unpucker, You'll be great!!!

  2. Good luck with the paper! Keep the stomach churn and butt pucker things going for awhile. They can be great motivators.

    Congrats to D.! Don't spill anything whilst you're happy dancing!

  3. Coola boola. Both about the job (congrats to D) and about your conference plunge

  4. Yay D! See, all of our well-wishes did the trick!
    Now it's your turn.

  5. Yay David! That is fantastic!! Woot woot!

    And very very much luck with the proposal, although like addict, I don't think you need it. You're bloody brilliant man! :)

  6. Great news. That is so cool.

  7. I was hoping that was the good news!!!

  8. Good luck on getting your paper accepted! If you come in July, you should hit it in between rainy season, fire season and mudslide season. Perfect timing !

  9. Suzz,
    Lucky me! I definitely don't wanna be swept away by mud. I hate getting dirty.


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