Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Filet d'Fish

Angry midgets and other assorted bullshit....

Don't get too excited. I didn't see another "real" midget like I saw at the library that time.

Edited for incriminating content.


The classes I teach at the college are going well this semester with the exception of one douchebag. Former military, bitter, jaded, security guard, not such a fan of a mid-twenties gal such as my hot-ass self teaching him English. I might have to body slam him. Or at least let the air out of his tires and paint nasty sayings on his already hooped-up truck. Nevermind...he'd have to hang around until he got a tow truck or a ride home and he'd probably find the decorations an improvement over that primer look he's rockin' right now. I can't catch a break. Vandalism is so hard nowadays. That reminds me....I need to retake my ethics test for work. Hmmphf.


In other news, I'm listening to what could very well be the sweetest "fuck you" song ever. I've posted it here before...Alison Krauss and Union Station....Forget About It.

I'll put in the disclaimer here: I'm not in a bad mood, nor am I irked with the opposite sex in any way. I just like this song and I ran across it in a random CD case.

Forget about those starlit nights
Laying by the fireside holding you tight
Can't remember when I felt so right
But just forget about it

Alison can always "fuck you" with a smile and some sugar.

The meds are kicking in. I must get horizontal.

TV: GAC Top 20 countdown (hicks on parade)
Reading: Flirting with Pride & Prejudice...Jennifer Crusie
In my head: A parade of Tylenol Allergy Sinus...and Elton John


  1. I love it when you talk dirty in Alison's voice. Deep sigh...

    Still shacking up with the Snot Monster, huh? That sucks. Know what will take care of that? I won't actually say it, but it IS Thursday, and all.....

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Laughed like a hyena at 'might have to body slam him.'

    Dandi, I know these ex-whatever guys so well. They're so used to being the penis everywhere they go that they can't bear to deal with the one you're now slapping against their cheek. LOL

  3. Os,
    I delivered thankyouverymuch!

    My dick is bigger than his, and I shall slap him with it.


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