Thursday, October 13, 2005


Girlhood....(Even though I'll be 25 in just under a month.)

A few minutes ago I was sitting here in my bed cursing my femaleness, when, all of a sudden a light came down from heaven (actually it was the glare of the closet light) and I began to chastize myself for having cursed my girliness. It's great being a girl, and I'm gonna tell you why....

In no particular order:

  • Cute clothes
  • An endless amount of hair style and color options
  • Hot sunglasses
  • Cool Water for women and Caress body spray
  • The privilege of sniffing man-cologne and not getting looked at funny
  • Women's studies books (because I just can't be convinced that they're as appealing for guys)
  • Heels...even though they hurt like hell
  • Cute undies (thank you Victoria and Frederick)
  • Multiple orgasms (shut know you were thinkin' it, too)

There are a ton more, but I have to knock off a paper right quick.

As an unrelated aside: Baylor is on the shortlist for the George Dubya Bush library. I'll never visit again if it lands there. That's not true either...but I WILL be bitter.


  1. I wear cool water for men.
    You can bust out a paper right quick. Dang.

  2. I cruised over from a link at Osbasso's... and I have to tell you that the photo banner on your blog is stunning!

  3. WHAT!!!! Baylor is after Dubya's library????? OHMIGOD!

    This is the stuff of nightmares.

  4. Opaco,
    It wasn't a "real" paper. I have to write up three one-page summaries about reference books. Not a problem.

    Yay for Cool Water!

  5. Robin,
    Thanks! I wish I could claim that I made it myself, but I took advantage of it at

  6. NonGF,
    I've NEVER been there. Isn't that tragic?? I have a feeling I'd never drag myself out of the place.

  7. Suzz,
    Yep. It's TRAGIC. I vote to put A&M back in the running. Dub is an Aggie at heart. No doubt.

  8. Don't forget getting to carry cool handbags and pocketbooks! And makeup. Well...I hate make up...but I guess lots of other women love it!

  9. Don't you have to have read a book in your life to get a library named after you?


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