Thursday, October 13, 2005

Halloween Options...Decisions, Decisions

I'm going to a Halloween blowout this year: The Edgar Allen Poe'try Reading put on by my lovely English Honor Society. We've "rented" the big-ass fabulous but slightly creepy founder's house. There will be food, there will be decorations, there will be poetry and performance art, but best of ALL there will be costumes.

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in, oh, 10 years at least, but probably more than that. Here are some ideas for this year:

The Red Death....from Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. Easy a cape, vamp up, get a red wig, the whole nine. I already have the Hooker Red toenails.

I've been joking about letting my legs grow out and going as a Christmas tree. I was only kidding at first, but now I'm thinking I could wrap myself in garland, put a star on my head, and be a big hit.

I would be a toilet paper roll, but I haven't figured out how I'd execute that one exactly.

Ideas anyone?


  1. I really like your blog....i'll be back .... love the pic...with the poision apple.........(i'm just assuming it's poison...)

  2. I have a Halloween Party every year (this year not excluded) and Costumes are a must. I am digging the Christmas Tree...that is funny. Toilet paper roll is very cute as well. You would just need a hole for your head and arms or have your head above the actual "roll" part. Make the roll out of poster board and use a sheet or some other soft material for the paper - you can go to the fabric store and use a semi stiff batting as the paper for a more "realistic" effect. I love Halloween. Let me know if you want some other ideas ;O) And PLEASE post pictures of whatever you decide to be. I"ll post mine too!!

  3. Have you seen the Unhappily Ever After costumes. Look here:

    They have Sinderella, Prince Alarming, Hell's Belle, Malice in Wonderland, Snow Fright, Creeping Beauty, and Tinkerspell. I love the Sinderella one, but I'm not sure if I want to pay out the $$ for it.

    I do like the sound of The Red Death though, nastily macabre!

  4. That sounds like so much fun!
    I'm thinking for the toilet paper, you could get some card board (like from a big box), wrap it around an end table (so it was circular), make it a little damp so it loses its shape and will take on the new one (maybe), maybe some kinda solidifying substance could make it hold too... Anyways. Then you need some good stiff wire to form into the tissue part, and finish it off with a white sheet!
    I think the Red Death might be a bit easier though...
    =) Have fun!

  5. I think you'd look more like a werewolf if you let your legs grow out.

    My boss was a toilet last year. Funniest damn thing I ever did see. I'll see if i can find a pic to send you. It was a really easy costume to make.

  6. Be a fly in someone's salad. That terrified me.

    Bah, I won't even be home for Halloween! It sucks.

  7. I'll be on the road to Portland on Halloween. To see the STONES!!! Sorry I don't have any suggestions....

  8. well be sure to let us know what you come up with!

  9. Red death all the way. And must post a pic. MUST.

  10. red death seems to be a winner...will everyone mistake you for some type of devil with all the red?

  11. Chase,
    It could very well happen that way, but I'll take the chance. It's a bunch of English nerds, so I'm hoping the clock I'll be carrying will tip 'em off.


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