Sunday, October 02, 2005

A little more tacky, please?

I haven't had much fodder for posting lately (and I've been doing a lot of sleeping), but I had to share this tidbit. I witnessed a new level of tackiness this week. I didn't know this kind of tacky existed outside of Paris Hilton's life, actually.

An anonymous fellow graduate student told me last week that he was having a housewarming party and everyone was invited. Great. Whatever. Word started to circulate that this individual was asking that we all bring alcohol to share and food if we felt like it. Slightly tacky, but we're all poor grad students, so it was understandable. Before we knew it, we got wind of the fact that he'd placed a "donation" jar in the office. They were hoping to have enough donations to buy a nice grill to be used for future parties. Super-tack.

The invitations rolled out Wednesday, and what did I find? That they'd REGISTERED at Wal-Mart so we could buy them stuff.

1) They threw their own housewarming.
2) They don't have a's a new-to-them apartment.
3) They asked us to bring everything.
4) And donate to a bbq grill.
5) AND buy their chosen items from Wal-Mart's gift registry.

I think five people out of 40 went.


  1. But the big question--were you one of the five? And what did you get them? Well, that's two questions, but you get my drift...

  2. I went to a housewarming the other day. They didn't register, but everyone brought them stuff for the place. Also they provided the KEG! Now that's a good housewarming party!

  3. They were registered at Wal-Mart? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  4. Os,
    I was decidedly NOT one of the five. I laugh in the face of lameness.

  5. ROFLMFAO! OMG I just shot pop out of my nose!!

  6. Amanda,
    Housewarmings are great if the guests don't have to provide EVERYTHING. I would've been quite happy with a keg.

  7. Toddsky,
    You heard it, man. Wally World. High class shit. They've could've at least gone for Target.

  8. Jen,
    That just sounds painful!

    *hands you a kleenex*

  9. I'd just like to take this moment to cordially invite you all to my own trailer-warming party.

    Seating is limited, so either RSVP to reserve your spot or bring your own lawn chair.

    Registered at John Deere.

  10. I was invited to a get together at friend's house this past weekend and was told to bring my own chair because they didn't have enough seating for everyone they invited.

    So it wasn't a housewarming party, but it did involve tackiness.

  11. To be registered at Walmart do you have to be a card-holding redneck or is that just a myth?

  12. Stella,
    Wow, that's a lot of tacky. I don't think I've ever been asked to bring my own seating!

  13. Dipper,

    Just a myth!!! Everyone can register at Wal-Mart. They can tell if you're tacky from a mile away.

  14. Lord, that's tackier than Paris Hilton shopping for walls at Wal-Mart.

    Hey, did you hear, Mary Roach has a new book out called Spooks. It's sounds fantastical!

  15. That aint tacky, that's just CHEAP. And lame. And crap.

  16. i woulda made free party signs and posted them near all the homeless under the bridge spots.

  17. we have a name for people like that over here in england.

    cheeky chav ********

    i wouldn't have gone either

    cat & sapphire xx

  18. OMG! That is *so* tacky! If you throw a party, yeah, people should bring some alcohol. If you're throwing a pot-luck, people should bring something but the hosts shouldn't register and make everyone bring everything! They should have most of the stuff already!

  19. Vex,
    Now if you'd just registered with Skoal you'd be a full-on redneck.

  20. Heather,
    I LOVE YOU!!! I did not know about Mary Roach's new book, and now I MUST HAVE IT! Blessings on your head.

  21. LOL, Fence...
    I like the progression of things there. :)

    If I'd thought of it I would've posted the signs for them!

    Cat & Saphg,
    I have yet to find anyone who went. It might've been less than five after all!

    Amen and hell yeah, Kitty!!! I'm with ya!

  22. WOW that is tackiliscous! I had a housewarming when I bought my house and someone told me to register but I couldn't bring myself to do it and I OWNED the damn place! I wasn't even expecting gifts, it was to show off the new digs and lets face get drunk with all of my favorite peeps!

    These party people sound lame! Glad you didn't go...that'll learn em!

  23. Skoal? Oh, that would make it absolutely perfect...

  24. i really enjoy the word fodder.
    i like it a lot.

    words be goooooooooooood.


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