Thursday, October 20, 2005

Red Death

Red Death it is...

I shall heretofore be known as the Red Death. Yep, I decided on that one for Halloween and bought 3/4's of the costume this morning. I own the other 4th, and I have to decide if that's going to consist of my red corset or a lace-up slip dress. I'm thinking corset. We'll see. Now I just need some killer spike heels.

If you haven't read Poe's story, here's The Masque of the Red Death for your reading pleasure. I've been enamored with this story since sometime in middle school. Very creepy fabulous.

Shocking that I'll be wearing red and black for Halloween. You'd never guess it from my blog template.

Listening to: Billy Currington...I bought the CD this morning. Must be doin' somethin' right.


  1. Corset! Definitely! Whoa sexy! And definitely spike heels! Maybe the boot kind!

    Ooh, you're making me want to dress up now!

  2. Yes! I agree. I totally want the dominatrix boots, but I doubt I'll find any for cheap before Halloween. My friend Abby found some for $3 and they are HOT. Her foot's too big for me, though. Blah.

    Fly to TX! Come to our poetry reading! It's bound to be some wild fun.

  3. Sounds great. Don't forget to post a pic!

  4. Just wanted to let you know I still think you're the coolest, Andi.

  5. Katarina,
    Will do!

    You flatter me so. Keep it up!! And thank you. :)

  6. Oh I wish I could! It sounds like it will be wicked!

  7. did you mean Hereafter? look at me...gone for all this time and now back and what do i do? criticize...
    thought of you the other day when i saw the new jennifer weiner book. or was it new? i don't know, but it was out on the big display, anyway...


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