Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sexiest Songs


Sexiest songs in or near my CD player....

  • Stay With Me (Brass Bed), Josh Gracin
  • 1 Thing, Amerie
  • anything by Eva Cassidy
  • Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber
  • Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right, Billy Currington (in that buttery smooth way a-la Charlie Pride or Conway Twitty)
  • Three Days, Pat Green

I have a social life! What's up with that?? It's a wonderful thing, but obviously it's taking me away from my blog. Oh well, we'll all just have to deal with it, cuz I lurv it.

The chick lit paper for Research Methods is in full swing as is the fairy tales/comic books paper for Oral Tradition (shuddup Todd and Os). I got fuckered...I mean suckered...into being on the publicity committee for our graduate conference in the Spring and I'm the webmaster for our graduate scholarship club thingy. There were drinks involved. It was a setup.

I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin again today. D came up for the day, so we whiled away the afternoon with a very horny Steve Carell. Good times were had by all. I must own that movie as soon as it hits the shelves. I also looked for Goodnight Nobody by my idol...Jennifer Weiner. Not sure what the crap Hastings is thinking NOT HAVING IT, but they still don't. Bah humbug on their heads.

That is all. I'm going to bed.


  1. You were right to post a pre-emptive 'shuddup'. I mean, really, oral traditions. Come on.

  2. I believe the Oral Traditions jokes would have been far too easy. I do have minimum standards to uphold. Yeah, right....

    Big thumbs up on Eva and the Barber. Don't like the Currington song. For ultra sexy, try an orchestra version (not piano) of Debussy's Clair d'Lune. Excuse me as I take care of something....


  3. *gasp*

    I can't believe you don't like the Currington song!! He does look ultra-gay rolling around in the sand in that video, but the song is butta (no gay joke intended). Will definitely check out the Debussy.

  4. I had to come give ya a heds up i used one of your pictures for an icon link for you on my blog...blah...I am getting sleepy...

    Anyways let me know if it's a problem, mmkay.

  5. Oh my God! I didn't know she had a new novel out. I still haven't even read "Little Earthquakes" yet.

    I'm such a loser. *Hangs head in shame*

  6. I'm sure she'll forgive you Sojourness! I do. :D

  7. AH I loved the 40YOV! I can't wait until it comes out, will have it too!

    I have not heard a single song on your list. I'm so out of it now-a-days. I listen to too many books on tape I guess.

    Is that Josh Gracin from American Idol fame?

    I do miss you on your blog, but am glad you are so happy!

    Can't believe Hastings doesn't have GN! It was sooooo good! They are totally dropping the ball.

  8. the brass bed song gets me every time.


    ok then.

  9. Heather,
    I thought the Hastings thing REALLY odd, too.

    That is Josh Gracin of American Idol fame. Excellent CD he has out. FAb!

  10. Steph,
    It's the shizzle. So sexy sweet.

  11. You've got great taste in music! Josh Gracin and Billy Currington...hubba hubba....

  12. Thanks, Tish! I love 'em! Now if BC would get rid of that 'fro.

  13. love the list. you've seen the 40 year old virgin twice and i haven't seen it once...geesh.

  14. Opaco! Get on the stick. You must see the movie!


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