Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Worthless students and political incorrectness...

Politically Incorrect

Edited for incriminating content.

On a brighter note, a student in one of my labs made me smile today. They're required to keep a journal of the goings-on in our writing group and this particular student has taken the idea and run wild with it. I dread the assignment sometimes because some of them make me want to stab my eyeballs out with Pamela Anderson's fake nails to read the things. It's a shame so many trees should die at the hands of maudlin musings over writing (I don't kill trees with my maudlin musings, thankyouverymuch).

This particular student is in the art department, so we have a good time talking art and bringing that creative component into the writing group. He's discovered that writing is an art form and enjoys getting creative with his journal entries. He's very honest and diary'ish about the whole thing, which alternately cracks me up and makes me think. I'm really proud of him.

That began as a really inspired thought and fell flat at the end. Fuck it. I've gotta go to bed. Another presentation to do tomorrow.

On TV: Everybody Loves Raymond
Music: Billy Currington....That Changes Everything (he was in Playgirl!)
Reading: The Triumph of Narrative, Robert Fulford
In my head: Gah-gah'ness


  1. lol on the instructor. That's kinda creapy yo. =P

    Random job update: starting Tues I'll be tutoring high school freshmen for whatever class they've got homework in. Wish me luck... ;)

  2. Ooohhh, much good luck to you, Cherbear! Tutoring with that age group is much more rewarding and pleasant all around than teaching. Enjoy!

    And lots of creep @ the prof.

  3. did you see your baby daddy (gavin) on MTV last night. He looked scruffy and sexy....

  4. what exactly did you write in the email?

    i once wrote an assignment for my rhetorical criticism class where i had to use a certain number of 'devices' (tricolon, chiasmus, stuff like that) and it was a note written by a depressed princess who was going to kill herself. the prof later approached me to see if everything was ok...he actually thought i was going to off myself because my 'character' in my assignment was suicidal!

    not that that has anything to do with anything...sorry.

  5. Only 4? That tells you a lot about the future of our country.

    Isn't that frustrating?

  6. do WHATEVER you want to pam anderson i consider her a traitor to our country.

    maybe knock out your professor with her boobs or something.


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