Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday - Free Glitter Graphics

It's Black Friday once again. I always know that my friend Rachel is out amongst the shopping nutcases grabbing for cheap televisions at 5am and elbowing old ladies. This year, however, my mother has decided to join in on the bacchanal of shopping goodness. I don't have a clue why. I think she had to take some Christmas lights back to Home Depot and pick up some toys for my cousins, thereby exposing herself to the year's most hellish of hellish shopping days for something that could've been done next weekend at half the pain in the ass. But whatever works for her.

If I see one more piece of turkey or ham I'm going to throw up my toenails. There's something incredibly unappealing about Thanksgiving food this year. Wednesday my mother's office had a huge Thanksgiving dinner, and she got suckered into bringing home much of the food, yesterday we went to my grandmother's house (the one on my dad's side) and I've never seen quite so much Thanksgiving food. I didn't even go back for seconds. Thanksgiving food is on my shit list. I think we're having bbq at our close family Thanksgiving on Sunday. Thank God.

After yesterday's eating and revelry, we finished putting up icicle lights on our house and put up our Christmas tree. It's new, it's a 7.5-footer, and we used ALL of the ornaments we have (and my happy ass might go buy some more in a few minutes). Still to do: put Santa and the reindeer in the front yard, candy canes, Christmas balls on the eaves of the porch, and a blowy uppy something in the yard. Yeah, think Griswalds.

I've done all of 5 pages of my paper. If I do 3 more today that'll get me through the conference style paper I need to present on Tuesday. I'm OK with that. I'm not against scraping.

On TV: The Eurythmics (I LOVE YOU, ANNIE LENNOX!)
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Reading: Off with Their Heads, by Maria Tatar (again)


  1. My husband actually got up at 5:30 this morning to go to best buy just because. so odd. i had talked about it, but chickened out, but when david woke him up at that hour anyway, he figured, "what the heck?" and cheerfully announced to me that he was going shopping for awhile. he didnt 'even buy anything. and, on a side note, 5:30 was the FIRST time that my son woke up in the night, which means he is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT, and has done so two nights running now in his OWN bed. and all the peasants rejoiced. :)

  2. No way would I subject myself to WalMart at 6 AM! I'm more of the type that will go in (and often have) in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve.

    I hope you don't mind that I chuckle a little about the outdoor decorations. There's plenty of times that we've gone without snow on the ground for Christmas, but at least it's a good winter cold. It's hard for me to envision Santa and the reindeer on green grass next to the flowers. At least you have a happy ass!

  3. I had to work today. I would have killed to be able to sleep in. Why people got out of bed voluntarily is beyond me.

  4. Clack,
    Thanks madness! Your hubby is officially off his rocker. Congrats on the sleeping baby!! He's obviously a mad genius just like his parents.

  5. Os,
    I saw on the news tonight that the Saturday before Christmas is actually the newest "busiest shopping day of the year" and this year it falls on Christmas Eve. I'll be thinking of you when you're out doing your thing on the REAL busiest shopping day of the year!!! (You're nuts.)

  6. Oh, and Os...even though it's not very chilly in TX, we're in the midst of a drought and the grass is all brown instead of green. Makes it at least kinda look wintery.

  7. Todd,
    I'm with ya. The only reason I got up at 8:30 is because I had three dogs "singin'" in the next room.


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