Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Edgar Allen Poe'try Reading, 2005

My first time wearing fake eyelashes, but it will NOT be the last!

Rick...looking like something straight out of Deliverance.

Dan as...himself. The disgruntled graduate student/musician.

PM and the boobs of doom.

Me...as Satan. It was a black ball gown, red cape, and the red hair as you can see. I wimped out on the corset, although, now I wish I'd worn it for an extra touch of vampy.


  1. Are you sure Dan wasn't going as Weird Al?

    Did you and Boobs-of-Doom-girl have a pillow fight?

  2. Nothing like fake eyelashes to scream, "HOT!"

    Boobs-of-Doom-girl also caught my attention!

  3. Whoa those eyes are sexy! I gotta get me some fake eyelashes!!

    And love the red hair. Way hot!

  4. Todd,
    I can never be too sure about Dan.

    Boobs of Doom girl was AWESOME! She ran around with a $10 bill hanging out of her boobs for the longest time.

    The eyelashes are like super girl power boosters. I felt like a total sexpot.

  5. Too hot Andi!! You little devil. Looks like you had a great time minus the bad poetry!!

  6. Love your costume! You should have borrowed my boots!!


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