Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gooey Book Love: Golden Compass

Gooey Book Love....

I'm in love, bitches. Gooey, sugary, snuggly book LOOOOVE. With a little lust thrown in.

The book in question:

The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. The first of the His Dark Materials series. Known to our Brit and Australian friends as Northern Lights (same series name, though).

Philip Pullman is a mad genius. I must lay hands on his brain and discover the artifice necessary to write such an exquisite piece of literary goodness. So many allusions...Paradise Lost being one of the biggest of biggies. I must read the rest of Paradise Lost (that I was supposed to read junior year of college in my British Lit 1 survey) over Christmas break. MUST!

Some say this is also a reaction to CS Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia and I can see it with lots of prickly references to the church, etc. Definitely something to look into.

There are two more books in the series. I'll be busy.


And I might add. I'm only halfway through this first book in the series, but I'm so enthralled at this point that I don't think anything could screw it up for me except maybe if the main character (a little girl) dressed up like a squid and ran through the center of town yelling, "I am Deep Throat!"

Note: Clack, I have not read the Chronicles yet. I know--it's sick--but I'll be doing it over Christmas break, too.


  1. Go see the movie of "Chronicle" and save yourself some time... ;-)

  2. Os,
    That would be like me telling you to go buy yourself a flute and save yourself some wind.

  3. you are too cool. you don't meet a lot of people who prefer orgasms with tomes.

  4. Oh no. That is the climax to book three, the squid thing, and the screaming I am Deep Throat.

    Honestly though, they are great books. Loved them. I'm just confuddled as to how exactly they are going to make the film without the reference to religion...

  5. i tried reading the pullman books. finally got through the first one, realized it was part of a trilogy, and had a massive hissy fit...i just couldn't bring myself to read 2 more books, just not a fantasy girl. when you get through the last one, please email me and tell me how they end...i just don't have the energy to do it myself. i'm lame yes.

  6. Oh Os... *shakes head in pity*

    Excellent comeback though, Andi ;)

    Haven't read those yet, but plan on it someday. You make me want to try them sooner.

    And I am equally shocked you haven't read the Narnia books. *shakes head in pity again*

  7. It's been years since I've read Narnia. Maybe I'll pick it up after I get through "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand.

  8. Pirate,
    Well thank you. Book lovers never go to bed alone, you know.

    No way in hell (pun intended) they could avoid the religion thing. Without seriously fucking the whole thing up anyway...which they will likely do with zeal and wild abandon. Assholes.

  9. Ago-go,
    I'll keep ya posted. I may have a massive hissy fit before I can get to the next book in the series. December 15th just feels so FAR AWAY. Oy.

    I'll fix that Narnia thing as sooon as possible. And you MUST move this series up. Amazing. Finished Golden Compass tonight.

  10. E-vil,
    Rand makes my ass quiver. That's worse than a pucker. Tried reading The Fountainhead once. No go.

  11. oh I LOVE when I'm reading a book and I am no where near finishing it but I want it to last forever! That is the best feeling! Glad you're enjoying the book. I may have to read them myself. You always make books sounds so yummy~

  12. Funky,
    This book is beyond yummy, and I will be campaigning for everyone I know to read it. Including all my bloggy peeps.


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