Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've been a cunt this weekend


I've been such a beastly c*nt (making awful curses viewable for workplaces across this dandy land) this weekend. And I hate that word. Kinda. I've started to actually like it some since Dena types it semi-often. For example,

Dena: "So-and-so is a stunned c*nt."

Me: "Yeah she is."

Anyway, my hormones are pounding so hard my ovaries may explode...and not in a good way. Yesterday I pretty much holed up for the majority of the day and didn't do homework. It seems like I did something outside the house in the morning. I wore a baseball cap and looked like a corpse.


It escapes me. I have no idea.

It's been a while since my mother and I have had quality time (thank you graduate school), so today we trekked to the Dallas Zoo, frolicked with the meercats and tickled the snakes and it was fabulous. I took a grand total of (approximately) 120 pictures, the best of which will be posted here when I install Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop on the new laptop (stroke, stroke).

It was a wonderful day. I felt 9 again. I should've been a zoologist.

I'm going to bed.

Birthday presents received as of now: 2 (New Balance slides and a new portable CD player)

On TV: I Love Lucy
Listening: Billy Currington
Reading: Skellig (almost done)
In my head: Cornmeal mush.


  1. Ah, to be 9 again. No worries...sounds blissful.

    Glad you got out and played a little bit. All work and no play may make a dull Andi.

  2. Os,
    Yes. Yes I am.

    Amen sista. A toast to more playing this week.

  3. i used to hate the 'c' word. but i love it now.

  4. My stepdaughter shares your bday...she's gonna be 13, eeeks.

    Hope you have a good one!

  5. Mamak,
    Happy early birthday to your daughter!!! Let the teens officially begin...and God bless your soul!

  6. I have a great cunt story, ladies! But I'm so lazy. I, like Corinna, love the word. We all have one, so why should we cringe at the sound of it. Sounds better than 'cooter funk'.

    Anyway, the used bookstore lady got onto a rant about the book Cunt and how terribly vulgar it was that there was a book out there by that name and that she REFUSED to carry the book in the store and if someone came in asking for it she'd right tell them to bugger off (She's British).

    Then she said, "Can I help YOU find anything, deah?"

    And I said, "No, I'm just browsing today, cunt you very much."


  7. LOLLLL! Denaroo, that's why I love you. Nothing like a random cunt to freak out a Brit.


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