Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Morning BS

Monday Morning Mood Stabilizers....

I don't actually have any mood stabilizers, but I can't say I wouldn't take them if they were offered right now.

I'm so sleepy kids. No idea why. I slept like a dead rock last night, and I've been listening to Mindy Smith this morning, which usually perks me right up. I think it's Monday, toward the end of the semester, and there's nothing to be done about the sleepy. It's just a fact o'life at this point. I know you all don't fucking care, but I'm rambling about it anyway.

What I accomplished this weekend:

A little over half of my annotated bib (scraping for sources now)
An abstract for Oral Trad
An abstract for the South Central Writing Center Association conference
Over half of The Witches (Roald Dahl)
A birthday party with the fam, and D came up to meet the crazy lot (didn't run screaming)
Managed to trash my bedroom even more than it was already trashed (think empty water glasses, papers, and copious [I always spell that it spelled wrong?] amounts of books)

I'm here at work and no one else is here yet. That's the way I likes it. The students will come a'pourin' in soon. Think good, non-blood-sheddy thoughts, my lovelies.

On tv: If only I could pay them to put one in here.
Music: Mindy Smith...One Moment More (the best album ever)
Reading: Fables 1: Legends in Exile (Bill Willingham)
In my head: Snot monster and puppy dander...again.


  1. Oh my poor Dandi Andi!


    I do so fucking care! Although you're right, it's a fact o'life. Hell, I'm always tired too and I'm not in school. But 2-year-olds seem to do that to people.

    Looks like you got lots done though and congrads of D not running screaming from the fam! I knew Aaron was a keeper when he managed to make it through a meal with my clan.

  2. Copious is spelled correctly.

  3. Yep..Os is right..ya got it right!

  4. My weekends are far less productive. How do you do it?

  5. goodness you were a busy bee this weekend.

    I'm glad to hear D didn't run screaming..... very interesting indeed.

  6. No sympathy, Heatheroo! It was delicious busy and delicious tired. :)

    Os and MamaK
    Thank ya for clearing that up.

  7. E-vil,
    It was busy born of necessity. This coming weekend it'll be all about the new Harry Potter movie.

    It was quite busy, and I'm about to head over to your blog and see how busy you were this weekend!

  8. Andi - I do admire you so! I don't know that I could do all of the school work and still work-work the way you do. Just think, when it's all over you will be better for it and an even smarter little cookie. Hope you get some time to relax soon chicky!

  9. I managed to get out of bed this weekend. Your schedule would have worn me the fuck out!

  10. andi,
    "abstract" is a time-honored oral tradition.

  11. Funkmeister,
    I tell myself I'll be smarter and better off, but I fear I'll just be deeper in debt. But smart and in debt!

    It did wear me the fuck out, and I shall need no Tylenol PM this evening as a result.

    You slay me. ;)


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