Saturday, November 05, 2005

New laptop!

I can see the whole screen....

I got a new laptop! One that I'm planning to keep and everything! Sony Vaio....512 RAM, Intel Centrino processor, widescreen....fanfloofitastic! No idea what that means, but that's how it makes me feeeel. I don't even dread getting online now, and it should cut down on my typos here significantly. Woot!

I have a long weekend ahead:

Reading Skellig for Oral Trad (excellent it last year)
Starting my annotated bibliography for Bib
Tweaking my abstract for a conference
Sleeping like a log

Deep Blue Sea is on! One of my favorite "bad comfort horror movies" (right after Resident Evil, of course). Must go drool over the badness! There's nothing quite like LL Cool J as a preacher/cook.


  1. Ooh! Thanks for the heads up on D.B.S.!!!

  2. No problem! I do what I can for the insomniacs of the world. :D

  3. OK--I'm going to bed now. I haven't been asleep in 43 and a half hours. I'm tired. Later!

  4. Os,
    That's insane! Sleep sweet.

    Yay is an understatement!!! I luuurv it!

  5. Andi,
    are you boning up on the oral traditions?

    Sorry, had to do it. Smartassity is the only thing keeping me going.

  6. *pat on the back* for Todd. Good smartassity indeed! :)


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