Sunday, November 27, 2005

Random Shit: Late Night Nostalgia

I just typed the longest fucking random post EVER and it got deleted. Fuckin' hell.

OK, so I start over and this one won't be nearly as funkily random, but who cares.

I feel like this tonight:

Because every girls feels like a tattered rock star sometimes.

I'm reminiscing. That's basically all I said in my first post, but in a much longer-winded way. Nostalgia is oozing out my pores.

I was ruffling around for something decent to listen to because I've almost worn out Damien Rice and every other MP3 I have. I ran across four mix tapes that my friend Paul sent me in 2002'ish. Paul was a guy I met online when I was 15 or 16 and we lost touch for years. Then, one day, I got an e-mail from him out of nowhere when I was 21'ish. We started talking and we'd both figured out our interests (well, I had) by then, and we had a TON to talk about. He was working on a Masters in environmental engineering at Manhattan College at the time, and I was finishing up my BA at Redneck U. (he always made me promise I'd apply to grad school at Harvard. I thought about it and then chickened out). He was getting ready to do a PhD at MIT , so I guess he thought I could be a genius, too, if I tried hard enough. *snork*

We're both creative, artsy-fartsy hyperactive-at-times kinda people, so we had a lot to talk about. Music, art, books, poetry even. Amazing lot of interests that boy had. He started sending me little surprise packages of random stuff. For my birthday one year he sent me a book about soccer (one of his passions) with some pages annotated in the margins. There was also a Dave Matthews Band t-shirt (vintage 1996) in that package. That was a huge awesome was his favorite shirt, and he passed it off to me because I was a newly enthusiastic fan and he wanted to share the DMB love.

Mix tapes were his specialty. He was a music freak (wrote, played, sang...the whole nine). He had a 200-disc changer in his basement, and he'd just hit shuffle and send me a tape's-worth of stuff. Right now I'm listening to the first tape he ever sent, which was actually a hand-picked tape worth of his passionate favorites.

The playlist:

Torn, Crazy Life, and Fall Down (Toad the Wet Sprocket)
Goodnight Elizabeth, Holiday in Spain, and Round Here (Counting Crows)
My Life in the Knife Trade and Rookie (Boy Sets Fire) - now a fave of mine
Lockdown and Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts (Less Than Jake)
Intro and World Between My Hands (Eve to Adam.) - another favorite
Great Romances of the 20th Century and Cut From the Team (Taking Back Sunday)
San Dimas High School Football Rules and 1*15*96 (The Ataris)
Send Me on My Way and Martyr (Rusted Root)
Again I Go Unnoticed and A Plain Morning (Dashboard Confessional) - yet another Andi favorite
Reasons for Living and How My Heart Heard (Duncan Sheik) - Andi favorite
Broken Things and Don't Mind Me (Lucy Kaplansky) - big honkin' Andi favorite

I would like to make it perfectly clear that I never had lovey, gooey feelings for Paul, he was just the only person I knew at the time that was quite as random and fired up as I was about certain things. I spent many an hour discussing everything with him. I wonder now what he's up to. The last time I heard he was still with his awesomewonderful girlfriend of a zillion years, but music was something he "used" to do. Funny how people leave those loves behind.

Where are my paints?

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  1. Those bands are some of my favorites too. I love trading music. I trade music with the coffee shop girls down the street from my work.

  2. I don't have anyone to trade with anymore. And with me it's usually pretty one-sided since I never get hold of anything new and undiscovered 'round here. Especially since my XM is dead and my can't listen to the indie station.

  3. And why aren't we making each other mixed tapes???

  4. Amberjane,
    I don't know but we should be! There would be less crazy fuckers in the world if there were more mix tapes. They're the super-happy-drug.

  5. I love your random blog posts. I was thinking about my friends from camp when I was in high school. It was two weeks out of the year, but I always got letters and random stuff in the mail. ahhhhh... back in the day....

  6. Thank you, Amandaness!

    I never did the camp thing. I bet it was fun!

  7. I do love Damien Rice. Didn't <3 that new one, Unplayed Piano, at first, but after a while it grew all over me ;)

  8. Paul sounds like a great guy... it's a shame you guys lost touch.

    Love the last sentences: " was something he "used" to do. Funny how people leave those loves behind."


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