Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Writer's block...

I have writer's block. NOW IS NOT THE TIME!!!! I have to have at least 8 pages done for a presentation Tuesday. I can put off the final draft of the paper until the next week. That's my problem. Pressure makes me step up. Oh Jehovah (God). I'm fucked.


  1. it will all go great! chin up :)

  2. I sense a kick-ass HNT out of all this! That'll relieve your tension. Wouldn't hurt ours, either. Is that too subtle??

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving, Andi.

  4. HELL!!! not to worry! being a fellow lazy beeatch i find i only work well under pressure with a ton of ciggies and a glass of vino. somehow by the grace of god i usually manage to pull through!

  5. Thank you, Greep-taculous!

    Os, No such luck this week!

    Todd, thank you deary. I hope you have a hoppin' good holiday. I can't imagine Thanksgiving in Vegas. Play a slot for me.

    AMS, I didn't have any ciggies and vino! That must've been my problem. I just had water and allergy pills.


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