Monday, December 05, 2005

Girly Obsessions

I have a few new obsessions and they all seem to be of the girly/vixen variety. I don't try to explain it, I just go with it.

I'm obsessed with Catwoman. If I had to choose a favorite I'd go with Eartha Kitts' classic Batman TV show version or maybe Michelle Pfeiffer's sexy ass in Batman Returns. You gotta admit, the catsuit was hot. This started when I bought that History of Catwoman graphic novel thingy. I feel a thesis topic burning a hole in my panties.

Another Kat....

Kat Auster, lead singer of Majorette (debut CD forthcoming). She's just hot. Hot, hot, hot. And fabulous. And I wanna be like her when I grow up. I think it's a potential girl-crush. Watch out Amy Lee.

Which leads me.... the Wonderwoman and Catwoman journals. Because if I'm gonna be obsessed with superheroes they might as well be on a journal. Like I don't have enough fuckin' journals I don't write in.

I miss my piercings and red hair. it's time. It's time for this again:

I love phases.

Watching: A muted TV.

Listening to: Majorette.

Reading: Good in Bed (Jennifer Weiner)

In my head: Rebellion and restlessness.


  1. So you'll be looking forward to the new Wonder Woman film then. Course by the time it gets made and released your obsession may have faded.

  2. Cat woman is just freakin hot. And Michelle played her well in my opinion. Now Kat from Majorette, HOT.

  3. Fence,
    Very well could be. Do you know who's playing the Wonder Hottie by chance?

    Yay for Kat!!!! I listened to the same 1 min, 18 second clip last night for HOURS. Yum.

  4. I too think I am in love with Kat Auster! She is so totally hot and just fucking cool! I want to be like her, oh hell, who am I kidding...I AM like her ;O)

    And by the way the picture of your eyes is amazing! I love it

  5. LOL, I'm like her except for that whole rock star bit. I'm more book nerd than rock star.

  6. You have stunningly beautiful eyes, Dandi.

  7. that mask would look fantastic with your eyes.
    oddly i was joking around about buying one of those the other day!

  8. Andi, who is this Majorette you speak of? I want to know.

  9. Don't forget this Kat!
    She's pretty damn hot too.

  10. Thank you, Denaroo. Now I just need wicked-cool red hair.

  11. Greepy-love,
    We used to have one at the library where I worked. Not as cool, but it'd do in a pinch.

    Punkish band.

    You are one hot tamale, dear. Shake it!

  12. Not been cast yet. Very very early production. Although the imdb page does have a list of those "in contention" but I don't know if I'd believe any of that.

  13. they have those awesome journals on BUST. sweet!

  14. join the Wonder Woman loving club!

    and the movie casting? don't even get me started...i blogged about it back in March.

  15. I'll shake my laffy taffy for ya.

    BTW, I love the new layout, and that you kept the pic at the top.

  16. Fence,
    I'll believe it when I see a golden-lasso and wonderpanties prancing across the screen. Until then, I shall not speculate.

    I freakin' love the boobtique. I wish someone in my family would get me a gift cert. there, but they'll likely opt for Avon instead. *sigh*

  17. Ago-go,
    I shall revisit that post. Or maybe it'll be a first-time visit. I can't remember if I read that one. I was totally enthralled with WonderWoman when I was a wee chicklet.

    Thank you dahling! I think I'm about to put up a Christmas version, but the apple shall return posthaste!

  18. Hey Andi, its the otherfeminist. I too, possess an enthusiastic zeal for Wonder Woman. In fact, I have a Wonder Woman doll on a stand to represent the Goddess of Justice. She has a golden lasso and everything. Good Luck at Junto.

  19. I'll have to listen to Majorette. I've recently discovered Tristan Prettyman and so far so good. And Linda Carter was hot in any decade. I loved her. Good choice on Eartha Kitt. Halle Berry is beautiful but Eartha Kitt had the voice.

  20. THEOTHERFEMINIST!!!! Hey, woman! You're my hero for having a Wonder Woman statue. I'd kill for that lasso. :)

  21. E-vil,
    I'll have to check out those you mentioned.

    And Eartha Kitt is my hero. And I typed that "Earthy" Kitt first. heheheh

  22. Ok, did anyone else besides me think that the witch in the Narnia Chronicles IS:
    1). a bad ass
    2). the most interesting character in the flick
    3). generally and overall the best part of the film
    Anyone, anyone?
    Kind of reminds of how Satan is the most interesting character in Milton's Paradise Lost. Why are all the bad ones the most intriguing?

  23. Hi girl! :)
    I saw you like Majorette..
    I have a Fan Site
    You should visit it

    Kat rocks :)


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