Monday, December 26, 2005

I survived, bizzles.

I survived Christmas with my family with minimal emotional scarring and quite a nice gift haul. I know, it's not all about the presents, but it's a damn fine perk.

We hosted the festivities on Christmas Eve with two cousins, their spouses, and six kids total. Oh, and mom, myself, and our three dogs, of course. Instead of a huge dinner we did dips, chips, veggies, and other snackables. It was a great alternative to the Thanksgiving-like meal we usually do. If I saw one more turkey or pan of dressing I was going to throw up my toenails.

The kids didn't give me too much of a headache. Probably because I took refuge in my bedroom with the door closed several times, downloaded music, and sent David an AIM message that read, "I am in misery." It made me feel much better and able to carry on.

Yesterday we went to another cousin's house for a huge gathering. It was impromptu but a lot of fun.

As for the gift ya go:

$40 Half-Price Books gift card (the promised land)
Some shirts
A Narnia calendar
Seasons 4 and 6 of Friends (I had holes in my collection)
The Two Towers and Return of the King extended DVD's
A weird pillow for my bedroom
SIMS 2 Nightlife
Some slippers that heat in the microwave for warm feet (mine are always cold)
A monogrammed throw
And cold, hard cash

Yay for presents! They help my mood out tremendously.

Watching: Nutrisystem commercial
Listening to: James Blunt
Reading: Inkheart


  1. sounds like you made out like a bandit.

  2. Cash was a biggie on Christmas morning for me, too. Which will go towards paying off the credit card debt I racked up on my Nashville adventure.....

    Glad you survived the family!

  3. Opaco, That I did!

    Os, Good luck with that credit debt. I'm still trying to pay off my laptop!

  4. I want those slippers, Andi!

  5. oh, andi - when you say that 'throw up my toenails', a baby dies.

  6. You made out better than I did.

    Usually it's really packed in my mom's kitchen on Christmas night with very loud people of all ages. I always have to retreat a few times too.

  7. Suzz,
    The slippers are AMAZING. They only need to be heated for 30 seconds to a minute and they stay warm for like 30. Love 'em!

    You crack me up. I didn't even know I was killin' babies!

    My mother popped into my room during one of my retreats and said, "It's SO not fair," and walked out. She wanted to retreat, but it's harder when you're the hosetess.

  8. James Blunt!?! (that second exclamation mark was too much wasn't it?) Run away, run away!


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