Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My subconscious is trying to kill me....

I had the best dream last night that absolutely cannot be spoken about EVER. It could be very awkward for all parties involved, but it was so much fun being in my sleeping head last night. Whew lordy.

In other randomness:

I hate e-Harmony commercials. I literally just watched an unattractive woman gush about how meeting her mate was like "tasting champagne for the first time." I hate champagne, so that would be a complete insult to me. I'd be all like, "I'm gonna jack you up for saying that muthafucka!" Well, not really. I'm not a gangsta'. Well, yeah, I'd probably say it anyway.

As of today I will have seen 4 movies in the theater in two weeks. For today's viewing pleasure: Memoirs of a Geisha. Nothing like a whore dressed as a mime.

Disclaimer: before you mump (supposed to be "jump" but the typo is funny) my ass for getting the plot wrong, I know geishas aren't really whores *wink wink* but it sounded better. And mimes are always funny.

Must go wrangle my 'fro before I set off to the big city. out!


  1. When you said this:

    "I'm gonna jack you up for saying that muthafucka!"

    I could hear Steve Carell in my head. Such a beautiful thing.

    Have fun in tha big city!

  2. Have fun in the city. Oh and by the way -- Alex is in the "highland something" area. He comes home tonight -- yay!

  3. oh gosh, as in highland park? fancy him.....

  4. Just let me know--was I part of the dream??

  5. Heather,
    You KNOW he was my inspiration!!! I caught myself yelling "muthafuckaaaa" at some silly driver on the interstate the other day. Ha! Addiction to a movie is a vuuunderful thing!

  6. Os,
    Not this time. I'll try to work one up for you tonight.

  7. I trailed you here from Sam's place... just had to read what goes with those eyes...

  8. "Nothing like a whore dressed as a mime. "
    I'm glad I live alone, because that made me laugh very loud.

    I do want to see that movie. It looks good.

  9. Thanks, Seeker! That's very inquisitive of you.

    The movie was excellent. Go see it!

  10. hee hee said "jack you up"! love it.


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