Monday, December 12, 2005

Reasons for Bitterness

1. I've gained 10 pounds since I've been in grad school (about 3 months, bitches).

2. Aunt Flow came to see me in the midst of a fabulous movie today.

3. My crotch is ON FIRE, and not in a good way (ask and lose a testicle).


  1. Aunt Flo came to me yesterday as well. It is me that you, Dena, Amanda and I seem to be in tune this way, over the net.

    That's a bitch about the 10 pounds. I gained weight in college too though, soaking up all that knowledge ;)

  2. I know! It is weird. The internet: connection women's cycles everywhere.

    I didn't gain much when I started my undergrad degree, but now it's tough! When I was an undergrad I was dodging the gawd-awful cafeteria food, but now all we do is eat good stuff. We've had two covered dish dinners (good ones) in the department in the last two weeks, in addition to having a prof buy us all lunch, tonight is lasagna and a movie at another prof's house, and we have another drinkin' party next weekend. So much for my waistline! At least until after the holidays.

  3. Fuck it. I just can't type this morning.

  4. Again, your pre-emptive comments are always appreciated. I would have lost one...

  5. I do what I can Os. Protecting testicles everywhere.

  6. crotch fire, i get crotch fire.
    great term for it. i also like fire crotch.

  7. Fire crotch! Sounds appealing at first doesn't it. Not so much, though.

  8. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with your crotch to make it burn like that?

    What the hell, I have two.

  9. Hormones Toddsky. Women's hormones are bitches.


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