Monday, December 12, 2005

Sexy Name

Angel Needing Delights and Indulgence

OK, as Corinna pointed out on my tarot card post the other day...the internet has obviously gotten to know us all too well and is now commenting (correctly) on my life. Fucking weird.

Stolen from Os and Kalani and others.


  1. i don't know how accurate mine is, but it sure is flattering....good luck living up to your sexy name, you deserve some fun sweetie!

  2. Thank you, dahling! I must go see your sexy name. I hope you posted it!

  3. I'd be happy to oblige. Too bad you won't be in Nashville.... :(

  4. LOL. Yeah, I figured you'd be wielding your name around.

  5. i know it freaks me out like im scared to even take internet quizes now ;) the government is probably in on it as well.

    LOVE the lion. fantastic!

  6. Thank you! He's my favorite, so I had to use him on the header.

    The government is up in everyone's business. Everything's a conspiracy.

  7. I liked mine as well, quite fitting.

    fun stuff.

  8. Absolutely, Steph. We're all knockouts and sexpots.


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