Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tantrum rising....

I'm making the best pissed-off face you've ever seen, only you can't see it. I reserve the right to keep my ultra-pissed-off face to myself. But I'm so pissed. So very, very pissed.

It turns out I am indeed presenting my bib paper on the 8th instead of the 15th. Curses! Now that I'm here, parked on my bed and ready to write, NOTHING. Not a damn word is bubbling up except "Fuck it. I'm tired."


  1. Oh, oh. Sorry to hear that. On the other hand, Heather seems to have helped out here!

  2. Heather has indeed been a huge help. Looks good, eh? Still making a few nips and tucks here and there. I can't wait to obsessively play with everything when I'm lethargic and pajama-fied over Christmas break. Can I hear a "hell yeah!" for time off?!

  3. Oh that bites. How very rude.

    Perhaps it isn't coming BECAUSE you're tired. Take a break and regroup. It'll come.

    And I'm very very glad I could help. I'm just glad everything seems to be working!

  4. I'm thinking yesterday was a fuck everyone day, Andi :). Yipes on having a week less to do your paper. Actually lots of yipes on that one.

  5. Ummm, can you write something on FUCK IT I'M TIRED? that would be so super sweet. Good luck, I hope you get it all done, then you can relax a little.

  6. This is why so many writers turn to the booze.... brain freezes.....

  7. Heather,
    Meant to e-mail you and screech over what you e-mailed me yesterday! Can't wait to take a gander.

  8. Suzz,
    Today was a huge "fuck everyone" day. I had snakes sprouting from my head on the way to school this morning.

  9. Funky,
    Maybe I'll slip that in as a footnote and see if anyone really reads the whole paper. Whahahah!

    Yes, yes indeedy. I'll be boozin' it up next Saturday night at the after-semester kegger.


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