Friday, December 30, 2005

That's not my voice!

David and I exchanged Christmas gifts today, and he got me just what I wanted!!!! An itty bitty voice recorder that I can easily carry in my car. I always have the best paper ideas in my car on the commute to and from school, so now I won't lose them! I'm so excited because I generally forget all of the good stuff I come up with in the car, and while I'm good at multitasking, I can't write this stuff down while I'm driving.

And I sound like a complete hick when I record myself. That's not me. I refuse to believe it.

Watching: Ellen
Listening to: Keith Urban
Reading: Silmarillion for a few more days


  1. Ha! You wanna hear hick, you should hear me talk!! I sound like a Southern Belle Cartoon Character or something; it's all high pitched and sooooo Southern it drips molasses.

    I'm such a redneck ;)

  2. LOL, Heather. I'm high-pitched too when I hear myself on tape, but I never realize it when I'm speaking. Oy!

    But, at least I can plant this lil puppy places and find out juicy info. That's what I tell myself anyway.

  3. Forgive me if I laugh! I think the only way to get rid of the hick accent is to surround yourself by people who don't have one, and then attempting not to have one (nobody knows I'm from Texas until I either tell them or say ya'll). Of course, when you return to a place where everyone sounds like a hick, you'll regain your natural accent (whether you want to or not). And when you're on the phone w/somebody who might be a little country (like maybe my dad)... =P There's also the times when you're very relaxed (or had a tiny bit too much happy juice) when it comes out as well... Of course, you'll eventually hafta come to terms with the cold hard truth: you're a Texan. And that ain't no bad thang naither. =)

    I think I just sounded like my dad... *sigh*

  4. LOL, Cher. Very true indeed. I already code switch (which I learned from a linguistics person is the proper term for losing or regaining the accent based on environment, etc.). At school I sound halfway normal, at home, hickified. I embrace it...except when I have to hear my voice recorded.

  5. I think we need to hear an audiopost....

  6. I am always shocked to hear that I have a southern accent. WTF! It's a legacy of my Baylor days. No one else in my ENTIRE family has a southern accent.

  7. Happy New Years Andi! Thanks for all the 'awww-ing' on my blog. When I record my voice I sound so baritone. It doesn't sound like I think I sound at all.

  8. Os,
    Wish on, darling. I'd completely ruin my reputation.

    LOL! I never imagine you with a southern accent. Not sure why. I have to say, a southern accent is probably the best of legacies to have left from Baylor. I was there a couple of weeks ago. It's changed SO much in just the few years since I've gone to school there. It's insane. Gorgeous, but insane.

  9. Evil,
    Ooh, baritone! I'm either breathy or squeaky...just depends on the day and time.

  10. It feels so good to get exactly what you wanted and not have to pretend that you LOVE the lime green turtle neck! Happy/Merry!

  11. LOL, Funky. A lime green sweater sounds kinda yummy. Hmmmmm.

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