Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The verdict is in....

And I made an A in bib (research methods)!!!!! It was touch and go there for a while.


  1. HOORAY! Time to go out and celebrate!!!

  2. cleaning can be a form of celebration. if you're weird enough....

  3. Yay for cleaning! Especially since I'm done!

    And are you coming home for Christmas or not, woman?

  4. did. don't kill me! lance got married saturday, and there wasn't any time for extracurriculur stuff. it was weddingweddingweddingpresentsweddinggohome and that was it. so i did come. i thought there would be time to say hey, but ididn't even visit susan and tony, which is bound to get me killed!

  5. You are SUCH a brat. :-P~~~~~

    And Susan WILL kill you.

  6. i fear nothing like the wrath of that woman.....i may never be able to go home again!


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