Friday, December 09, 2005

Weenie dog farts....

Just for the sake of clarification, that's not me on the header. That probably negates it as an official HNT entry, but I don't care. I'd look exactly like her if I lost some weight, put my hair in a cone, and assumed the polishus knobulus position.

To explain the title, our one-eyed weenie dog is laying on my bed with me. He refuses to remove his ass from my arm, and he's farted on me three times. And not nice, gentle farts. Wallpaper peeling type farts. Silent but deadly, too. The W.O.R.S.T. Just thought I'd share my misery.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin comes out next week. Have I mentioned that?? Yeah, I won't be able to walk next week.


  1. silly girl, i hope you know i knew it wasn't you! farting dogs are gross.

  2. LOL, yes, I knew, Ago-go. I secretly just wanted to say "polishus knobulus". heheheheheheheheheheheeeeee (sorry...that was a real giggle).

    Farting dogs are gross, and I have 3.

  3. "Polishus knobulus" is classic.

    You won't be able to walk next week? Are you going to deflower the 40-year-old virgin?

  4. I just might, Toddsky, I just might. Rarr!

  5. I put it on my list two days ago. I can't wait. I haven't seen it yet. Did you see the cover art for it. That alone made me laugh.

  6. And I'm changing my profile pic tonight. There's too many eyes looking at me and I'm getting all paranoid.
    Stop looking at me!!

  7. Kat,
    The cover art is AWESOME! So dorkily creepy!

  8. LOL, looking forward to whatever pic you choose. You've always got good ones.


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