Saturday, December 03, 2005

Which Bad Book Are YOUUUU?

take the WHAT BAD BOOK ARE YOU test.

and go to not as good as reading a good book, but way better than a bad one.

Note: Very fitting. I loathe Ayn Rand. I tried reading The Fountainhead several times, and always petered out by page 50.

Stolen from Heather who stole it from Fence.


  1. i am totally taking this one.

  2. Can't wait to see which one you are. I hope that you do better than ole Ayn.

  3. I just got this book and I'm 5 pages into it after two weeks. I'm not feeling it at all.

  4. LOL, glad to know I'm not missing anything. D read it, but it took him our entire undergraduate career, and I don't think he was terribly impressed by the end. Not four years worth of impressed.

  5. Wow, and I thought the Hobbit was bad. Honestly Andi, I would say you are more readable than that shit. Really.

  6. the Hobbit isn't THAT bad. I'm Beowulf. Now that makes TOTAL sense. What an awful waste of reading brain that is. People are always like "but its a good STORY" and i'm always like "but its impossible to READ..." and here I am. *sigh* and I think Ayn Rand is a hilarious choice for you, Delana.

  7. Heather,
    THANK YOU!! I hope I'm more readable than that, or I wanna be put out of my misery.

    I must admit, as much as I lurv Tolkien, The Hobbit made me want to die.

    You're much better than Beowulf. I'm not sick of you at all, and I'm completely sick of Beowulf.

  8. i emailed you but im a dork so i'll put it here too....i got HEART OF DARKNESS !



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