Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Worthless Ponderings....

I wonder if they meant "bareback" mountain when they titled the movie "Brokeback Mountain"?

If Peter Jackson can get skinny, I can too damnit!

Speaking of skinny...Sarah Rue looked better before she became one of the anorexic, my-teeth-are-too-big-for-my-mouth lemmings.

I hope my mother doesn't have a virus. If she does, I eventually will too.

On TV: Extra
Listening to: "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison)
Reading: The Silmarillion (Tolkien)
In my head: Joyous celebration. I win!


  1. Are we going to get a year-end HNT from you? It's your personal "best of..." for this week. Or a new one with my t-shirt? Anything??

    "Bareback Mountain" is the porno movie.

  2. The "bareback" thing is what I thought of when I heard about the movie.

    Gee, I wonder what that says about me? Maybe I don't wanna know.

  3. I'll think about it, Os. I'm not terribly inspired. Maybe a best of.

    Oh, right re: the porno. I think I found that in a friend's nasty drawer once.

  4. c.s.,
    Great minds. We know way too much gay sex terminology.

  5. I can't stand all these plus size celebrities (the "here's one for the fat girls" gal from the Practice and Sarah Rue) who are all I'm big and beautiful and I love myself. And then they shrik down to a size two. We need some more women like the comedian Monique -- fluffy and fierce.

  6. Amen, Amanda! I freakin' love Monique. She cracks me up and makes me proud!

  7. Peter Jackson is too skinny. I say we start sending him tempting calorific food in the post.

  8. Fence,
    I agree! He's one of those people that looks much better fluffy. He's not a hobbit anymore. *sniff*


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