Monday, January 30, 2006

Blahdy hawwwww....(some random shizzle)

I am an insomniac misanthrope and that makes for one vapid wench. Don't I look vapid? The happy face is part of a delicately staged plan to take over the world. But I really can't sleep. Again.

My hair is FADING! A girl doesn't pay $95 and $18 EACH for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to keep it from FADING just to have it revolt! My red is not nearly so brilliant as it is in this pic. I want to FLAME, and not in a "bend me over and stick it to me Jake Gyllenhaal" way.

My gastrointestinals are tap dancing.

Todd is right, Ann Coulter is a cunt.

Eiluned has gotten me addicted to celebrity crushes, and here's who gives me a woody:

Jake Gyllenhaal...because I really would bend over and ask him to stick it to me. Did I say that out loud for all the internet to read? Hell yeah, I did! I used to think he was funny-lookin', but I've seen the light.

The Joshes....Josh Lucas (Glory Road, Sweet Home Alabama) and below...Josh Holloway (Lost).

Both of these boys appeal to me with their sweetish southern characters and sexy-ass scruffiness. Because scruff is where it's at. I don't know about you ladies, but I imagine they'd be the type to throw down in the kitchen for dessert. Maybe it's just me.

I admit, I've even read a bit of Lost fanfic. Whoa NELLY! The imaginations of some of these viewers get me a little hot under the collar. The Sawyer/Kate pairings are smmmokin'.

Ok, enough of my pervness. I'm going to bed. John Mayer and I bid you adieu.

TV: long gone
CD: John Mayer Live in Birmingham..."Message in a Bottle"
Reading: BUST Magazine and The House of Mirth
In my head: No good.


  1. I did it. I saw it. I don't get it.

  2. Hmmm...Jake Gyllenhal...yummmmmm

    And Josh Lucas. He had me at Sweet Home Alabama with those gorgeous eyes. Sigh...

    Don't know that other guy, but he ain't bad either!

    And you paid 95 DOLLARS for a fading hairdo? I would be going back and demanding...something! Goodness!

  3. speaking of gyllenhall -- you favor his sister Maggie....

  4. You are quite the vapid blogger. I especially like that smile .. it's sort of mischievious.

  5. Heatheroo,
    You need to start watching Lost. You'd love Josh Holloway. So snarky, so sexy. Grarrr!

    I LOVE IT when people say that. You and someone else both told me that.

    I am quite the mischievous monkey. I've been up to no good all morning.

  6. Jake G definitely was funny looking. I'm glad someone else thought so :))
    I had to stop going to movies he was in because I'd sit and think about exactly why he was funny looking and forget the film.

    With suitable trepidation I went to see BB Mountain .. and yikes .. what a difference a few years make :)). Totally handsome now.

  7. YAY! Going to see BB this weekend, and having Indian food (hooray!). Again, right down the street from my piercer, so if I show back up on the blog with a chain from my nose to my ears to somewhere else, don't be surprised (well, maybe a little surprised). Looking SO forward to it! Yay Jake! I think I need to see Jarhead now, too.

  8. Oooooh, Jake looks quite delicious there. Have to say I've seen him play far too many strange and weird characters to fancy him, but I can see this start to change :)

  9. I haven't seen anything but The Good Girl (WEIRD). But I think I can overlook it. lol

  10. I'm glad we can agree that Ann Coulter is, in fact, a cunt.

  11. sorry you can't sleep still andi! That sucks. I still see Jake is a little weird looking and he dates Kirstin Dunst = YUCK! Ever since seeing "The Good Girl" i just can't see him as a sex idol...NOW...the Josh's...YUM!

  12. Todd,
    No argument man. She's crazy as hell.

    His dating Kirsten Dunst is really my biggest issue with him. I mean, come on, she's got a great rack, but she's annoying as hell and more than a little funny looking.

  13. $95 for a bottle of shampoo! im in shock!

  14. You have really pretty eyes, andi.

    They made you pay for the shamp and cond? I got mine for free when I had it done because I spent so much on the color.
    It doesn't last long. My blondes started looking brassy after a couple of weeks. I was pissed.

  15. LOL, $95 for the hair color....$18 for shampoo.

    Thank you, Kat! My color would probably look better if it'd keep it lying flat so you could see the stripes. As it is, I usually flick and swish it all around and the blonde takes over. If the expensive-ass shampoo doesn't keep things fresh for longer I'm going to have a tantrum.

  16. Yeah, but her great rack sags more than UPNs and WBs ratings combined! Maybe she should merge her pair too!

  17. Ha! I like the way you think, Heather!

  18. I've set up a new blog to collect quotes from the blogosphere I like, and you've made it ;)

    This is really just to let you know and to say that if you don't want to be quoted let me know, I'll delete.


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