Saturday, January 28, 2006

Drunk Post

This is my first drunk post ever. I'm so drunk I can't feel my lips. I'm 25 and this is the drunkest I've ever been in my life. I'm not bragging...but just glad I've finally felt what everyone else always raves about. Although, not sure I ever wanna be back here. I should leave all the typos, but I'm too prim and proper for that shit.

Went to the gathering tonight. Two of my profs asked me if I'd like to teach a couple of their lit classes this semester. I take that as a total honor that they would trust me to take over for a day or two. It would be a great learning experience, and I'm totally gonna do it.

Thank you to Jeremy for playing driver tonight and Elise for sharing her secrets.

It's nice to step out of myself sometimes.

G'nite everyone. And think about me when I'm throwing up my guts in the morning.

Note: It's the next morning and I'm not throwing up. Yay! Although, I feel a strange need to apologize for whatever I said that was weird and/or offensive last night. I don't know that I said anything..but I might've. I went to Taco Bell with no shoes for heaven's sake.


  1. Well, at least you got the Taco Bell part taken care of! That usually will take the edge off by morning!

  2. Ha, Taco Bell cures everything. I had an enchirito and a taco. Fast-food manna.

  3. When I was drunk in Louisville I would eat at White Castle or La Bamba, whose slogan was "Burritos as Big as Your Head". Damn, those puppies could soak up the alcohol.

  4. Never seen a White Castle and La Bamba sounds like my kinda place!

  5. HA HA! sounds like a blast. Glad you had fun and that you weren't puking the next day!


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