Monday, January 30, 2006

For Andies (that's a plural)

Before I get to all that...

I posted new stuff (for the first time in ages) at Projectile Reviews.

I'm adding these MOST lovely gifts from Amanda and Heather to my blog for 1) posterity 2) so I can look at them conveniently whenever I want.

From Heather the most sweetest wonderful blog goddess EVER!

From Amanda that hit the nail RIGHT on the HEAD! I should spread this one around to all my grad school peeps.


  1. Oh, I just love that picture. *Drool*

  2. It is SO hot. Hot hot hot. But wet. And cold. Lemme give him a blanket and warm him by a fire.

  3. wasn't a fan until i saw Jarhead - PHOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWAAAAARRRR. I think Brokeback Mountain might ruin the whole fantasy for me though!

  4. LOL, AMS. I need to see Jarhead as soon as possible. And Donnie Darko! I've never seen it and a friend informed me that that was unacceptable.

    I try to take a very mannish approach to this guy on guy lovin' in Brokeback and think to myself: it's twice the hot. We'll see if it works.

  5. You've never seen Donnie Darko! That is unacceptable. Go, find the giant bunny called Frank.

  6. I know! It is unacceptable! My friend Daniel is bringing it to me this afternoon and I shall watch it tonight instead of reading Edith Wharton.


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