Thursday, January 26, 2006

Freak o'the Week

I'm still here with no nervous breakdown in sight. Worry not my lovelies.

Went out with Eiluned (check out her blog on my sidebar) from work to see Scott Speedman's hip dips in Underworld: Evolution tonight. Surprisingly, we also happened across the craziest motherfucker I've seen in a while.

I got out of Modern American Lit a little late and was running late for the movie. I returned a call Eiluned had made to my cell phone and she was at the theater but hadn't gone in because this freaky-ass guy had attempted to talk to her through her car window and lure her into the dark theater. Great! So when I arrived we met up in the lobby, bought the obligatory high-fat snacks, and proceeded into the theater passing crazy-ass on the way down to the middle of the rows. We kept hearing a weird clicking that we figured was either him throwing those little firecrackers that explode when they hit the ground or he was jackin' it like there was no tomorrow.

Not far into the movie he moved down in front of us, which actually made us feel delightful because there wouldn't be any chance of him sneaking up behind us. He talked to himself throughout the whole fucking movie, even taking it upon himself to make werewolfie noises during the fight scenes.

As the movie ended we made a mad dash for the door, keys at the ready, and managed to peel out of the parking lot before he could stumble to his car or into our personal space. Victory! Not sure what was wrong with him. I'll venture a guess: drunken sociopath rapist with a touch of schizophrenia.

I have to say, the movie was EXCELLENT, as were Scott Speedman's hip dips and it had one of the most panty-dampening love scenes EVER. So tasteful and so damn hot it could make an 80-year-old nun moan for joy.

On TV: Everybody Loves Raymond
Listening: James Blunt

Reading: The House of Mirth (Wharton)


  1. Ah, I want to go see that. Aaron does too, but he's been working 12 hours/6 days a week all month and he'll be too tired :( Maybe next weekend. It looks really cool.

    And glad that freaky guy didn't do anything to y'all. Must have been smoking the good stuff. Yikes!

  2. Yeah, I seem to have a freaky people magnet myself, where the weirdest people will follow me and talk to me.

    Glad the movie was good. My mom wants to see that, and I might take her. I'll have to watch the first one again to remember the plot.

    I see you're reading "House of Mirth". I LOVED that book. I agree with Amanda...Wharton rocks!!!

  3. Good lord! That's a lot of workin', Heather. I'm sure he is beat.

    And I agree about freaky guy. I think he'd had one too many bowls.

    I love me some Wharton. I've only read The Age of Innocence and some of her short stories, so I'm excited about this one.

    I seem to attract freaks, too. Blah! But I think Eiluned attracts just as many, so I don't feel alone. lol

  4. thinks I need to try some Wharton again. Seems like I read one of hers in college...but I can't remember which and if I liked it.

  5. And yes, we're all exhausted. I can't wait for it to be over.

    Purty paycheck though ;)

  6. wow - why are there so many fucking freaks out there invading our personal space?

    im going in to fucking hibernation.

    what are the fun plans for the weekend?

  7. Heather,
    The Age of Innocence is good, and so far I'm enjoying The House of Mirth. OH, and you MUST look up her short story: Roman Fever. OH MY GAD! So good. And I bet that paycheck is goorrrrgeous!

    Going to an english dept thingy tonight and likely drinking afterwards. The rest of the weekend will consist of writing papers and reading. Not so much fun to be had.

  8. The movie: yummy---- I can't wait to see it..

    The Weirdos:Yay Nicky -- folks like me -- weirdos

    The English Degree: I have a perfect cartoon I will post that just reminds me of any English program....


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