Friday, January 06, 2006

In the news.

Scooby is diabetic. He's been drinking ungodly amounts of water, peeing like a racehorse, and not eating as much. Yep. Diabetic. If food doesn't get it under control we'll have to give him insulin shots. *big bad frown*

In better news, I've lost five of the ten pounds I gained this semester. Yay lean meat and green vegetables!

I woke up with a bloody nose stud this morning. Attractive!!! I think I rolled over on it sometime in the night.


  1. that poor little guy! best of luck to yall

  2. I like these Andi updates! Even the bloody stud... Keep up with the lean meat and veggies. No booze.

  3. Oh the poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.

    And congradulations on the 5 pounds! But, bleck on the green veggies!

    Hope you nose isn't hurtin' too much!

  4. Steph, thanks, girl. I knew another dog lover would understand. *sniffle*

    Os, thanks! It's very sad, but yes, I've given up my boozin' for a while. Not that I boozed much to start with, but now I'm completely booze-free.

    Hi, Johnny!

    Heather, celery and lettuce are my life. And green beans. But I make 'em good..not that canned watery business. :D Thanks for the Scooby wishes. He's outside barking and 'singing' as we speak.

  5. mmmm...bloody nose stud!

    sorry about your pooch! Hope he's okay!!

  6. Cute puppy. Hope the diabetes isn't too much hassle.


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