Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Miscellaneous academic stuff...and GOOD NEWS

It's official, we're accepted to the South Central Writing Center Association conference in Little Rock. This lil extravaganza will take place in late February, and given the fact that all my closest peeps are on my panel--shout out to Elise "The Corruptor", Jeremy, and Daniel "Gooooose!"--it could very well turn into a drunken free-for-all reminiscent of our end-of-semester kegger. And ya know what? Sounds good to me!

So, now I have to try and remember what I said I was going to write about for this conference (calm down, Elise...I'm kidding...mostly) and actually write the 10'ish page paper. Not a big deal. I can crank out 10 in not toooo much time.

I'm doing final tweaks to the paper I wrote for Oral Trad that I'll be giving in Albuquerque a week before the Little Rock conference. I'm gonna be a travelin' fool and broke by the end. Anyway, the paper from Oral Trad will be submitted for a prize in folklore studies at the culture conference in Albuquerque. Wish me luck. It's $100 I don't already have.

This morning I bought the last few books for my classes next semester. I'm taking Contemporary American Literature (Ass-whip 521) and Picture Books (yes, shuddup). $130 worth of picture books, fuckers! And that's not counting the 4 Jeremy is loaning me. Fuckin'-A. There's no more blood in this turnip!!!

On TV: Friends Season 6
Listening to: Evanescence's cover of Korn's "Thoughtless"
Reading: This and that.
In my head: Glorious possibility for grandeur...or maybe just a job someday when I'm done with these degrees.


  1. AHHH! Listening to: Evanescence's cover of Korn's "Thoughtless" Where did you get that?? I must hear it!

    And ouch for your pocketbook. But I hope lots of great reads?!?!

  2. Heatheroo,
    It's on their live CD Anywhere But Home. It's AWESOME. I freakin' love it. The CD also comes with a dvd of the concert. I highly recommend.

    It looks like it'll be a fun class, and if I'm gonna do a phd in children's lit, picture books are part of the deal. Away I go!

  3. Congradulations on the South Central Conference, I know it is going to be a blast. Are yall still doing the loosening the colon bit or has that changed? Now the Albakirky-yeah thingy-is that different from the one Royal pushed or a different one? Are you going to do the California Conference? Stewart wants me to revise and submit my paper but I don't know to what-a journal or conference. And I don't know which conference. Should I? Anyway, glad to hear that my peeps were selected, but I knew yall would be.

  4. OtherFem,
    I think the colon thing got lost in the shuffle, but I may still try to work it in somewhere. Or maybe we'll just put it on T-shirts!!! Whahahaha! Albuquerque is the one D-rock was pushing. I really wanted to do the one in California, but I'm taking that Oral trade paper to Albuquerque. I probably should've saved it and submitted to Cali, but I didn't think there was a chance in hell I'd get accepted (<-- low self-esteem here).

    You should definitely submit to a conference and THEN a journal. As I understand it, the conference is to get feedback for revision, etc. to make it stronger for journal submission. I think I'm submitting my paper to Children's Literature Association Quarterly.


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