Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I just saw one of my high school students from North Carolina on American Idol and HE MADE IT TO HOLLYWOOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! I screamed, I jumped around, I screamed some more! Must get his address and send him flowers and chocolates and teddy bears tomorrow! He was always the sweetest, most polite kid, and was ALWAYS talkin about American Idol, so I'm SO SO SO proud of him.

GOOD LUCK Jordan Southerland from Beulaville, NC!!!!!



  1. Andi, I feel so lucky to know you. :)) You're like almost an almost-celebrity!

  2. Nothing like an almost brush with almost fame!

  3. one of my friends from Lee is on there too! David was screaming so we dont know whether he made or not but we were freaking out! That's awesome! :)

  4. The girl who sang at my mom's funeral made it too. But they did't show her sing. I was so mad, especially when they spent so much time on that idiot at the end. Ye Gods, Greensboro looked stupid last night. I'm ashamed I work here. LOL!

    But YAY for Jordan!!

  5. that's so cool! you and Ago -go are like my hero's of reality stars! he he

  6. Great, Andi! I saw parts of it but didn't see him.

  7. Yay, Clack! How is baby D?

    Heather, I think every place ends up looking 10x stupider than it really is. That girl at the end was a HANDFUL. Or two. lol

    Ha! Funky, this is part of my 15 mins of almost-fame.

    Suzz, he was fabulous! In a fireman suit. Not sure about all that, but still very good voice.

  8. "Baby D" is doing great. He had a round of ear infection/cold/growth spurt this week that kept him up all ngiht for a few nights running,b ut he's all better now and as cute as ever!

  9. I thought so too, Jenn!

    Awww, Clack. I'm glad he's feeling better.


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