Monday, January 02, 2006

Pathetic and anonymous...

Dear anonymous poster,

We know who you are. Ever heard of a hit counter? They give a lot of info about you. On top of the fact that it isn't terribly difficult to figure out who you are in the first place. Fuck off and annoy someone else.


Not Worth It


  1. i haven't noticed any anonymous posters...who's being a jerk?

  2. Ago-go,
    It posted over at David's blog in reference to me...officially stepping over the line from annoying to creeeepy!

  3. ewwww.... creepy blog stalkers.....

  4. I hate the anon's! at least we have the balls to embarrass ourselves or speak our minds out in the open. Although the creepy thing doesn't sound cool at all. Let me know if you'd like for me to hunt them down and put a strangle hold on em!

  5. bastards. i ended up turning off the anon functionality because of those cunts.

  6. Amanda,
    My sentiments exactly!

    We'll make it a group effort! I want in on the strangling myself!

    Yep, there's a special nook in hell for the ball'less fuckers who anon insulting posts.


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