Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sleepless Texas. This is the second night in a row that I can't sleep. Last night it was 3am before I nodded off and that was only after 3 failed attempts, a butt-load of journal writing, and some boring television (Home Shopping Network).

I finally woke up around 9:45 this morning (hate sleeping that late), got dressed, and ran some errands. I picked up the cutest Women Writers tote bag at Hastings that I've been fantasizing about for a while, and I bought a used Miranda Lambert CD to curb the withdrawals from the CD I've apparently lost in the wasteland that is my car. It's like a black hole in there (stop laughing all of those who know first hand and have lost pets or small children to the abyss). Had a good visit with Rachel, annoyed her loving husband, and came home. I dragged Mom out for her first sushi experience tonight (since I'm addicted and all). Actually, that's a big fat lie...she went willingly, much to my astounded wonder. She actually cheated and ate a big ole plate of tempura while I stuck to a Crawfish Volcano and a Rockwall Roll (shrimp, crawfish, crab, avocado, cream cheese, and other assorted goodness). She did at least pick off my plates. I was proud.

I'm bound and determined to be organized for school this semester, so I spent some time prepping binders and moving papers around from stack to stack. Tomorrow: shredding. The highlight: swaying to my beloved John Mayer Trio CD. It makes me wanna get naked.

I actually have a lot on my mind besides this mundane everyday crap, but I can't really talk about it here. Too many eyes.

On TV: turned it off a long time ago
Music: James Blunt..."You're Beautiful"
Reading: Eleven Minutes in about five minutes
In my head: concerns that shall remain nebulous


  1. Bummer about the sleeplessness. Much more interested in the Mayer-induced nakedness and the thoughts still swirling in your head though!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. insomnia? sushi? women writers tote bags? WE ARE TOTALLY TWINS!!!

  3. Love the tote, Andi! I'm sleepless too. lol ..

  4. Insomnia seems to be going around like the flu...
    I hope you get some good solid rest soon, maybe after the stuff on your mind eases up some.

  5. I haven't been sleeping well lately either. I'm not sure why. Oh and I love the John Mayer Trio cd. Yet again, good choice. I listened to it while at work today...blech. It's the only thing that made work bearable today.

  6. That's a really cute bag.

  7. its the blasted full moon thats keeping everyone up!

  8. Os,
    The Mayer-induced nakedness will be left to your overactive imagination, and the thoughts have more or less subsided. Now I'm just laying around, playing SIMS, and enjoying my last days of freedom.

    We are SO twins! And I couldn't find a cooler twin anywhere!

    Sorry to hear you're sleepless too! And I love my tote. I "practice loaded" it last night with school stuff.

  9. Addict,
    I got quite a bit of rest last night and I feel pretty good. Now I just hope it lasts!

    In a little under a month I'll be stuck in a van on the way to New Mexico, and I will most definitely be taking JM3 with me. It's likely the only thing that will make that trip bearable.

    Thanks, Kat! I almost bought the matching journal yesterday.

    That effin' moon needs to go! lol

  10. I'll have to admit to a burning hatred of John Mayer. Love you, though.

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  12. I almost bought the Shakespeare bag since I am taking Shakespeare this semester. But honestly Andi, can you see me downsizing from the mobile home that I lug around? However, now that I see yours, I am going tomorrow and buy the Shakespeare one-too cute! I agree with Amanda about the moon. I too have been denied sweet slumber all last week. So around 1:00 a.m. I decided to invoke Artemis of the silver bow by burning some mugwort in a silver chalice-a common thing to do right?. When I held the cup up, a sudden gush of wind came upon me and blew the smoke in my face. I swear it smelled like another herb-yeah that one and never mind how I know how it smells, it was the 70s ok. When I went back into the house I was going to type up some stuff and suddenly I got real sleepy. Does anyone know if that is one of mugwort's effects? Anyway, the moral of this story is -be grateful that you don't have a nosey ass cat like I do, who comes up behind you during your ritual and scares the bageezes out of you. TTFN-theotherfeminist

  13. I'm shocked and appalled at your dislike of Mr. Mayer, Todd. But that's ok...your snark makes up for it.

    You crack me up! The cat climax to that story was CLASSIC! I'm disappointed that we won't have class together (except Coll and that doesn't count). The bag is pretty small, but it was actually on sale at Hastings. When I got up front it rang up 17.99 or something. Woohoo!

    And John Mayer is a pop/blues guy. Lots of guitar. I'll bring the CD when the writing center opens.

  14. hope your mind stops racing so much so you can get some sleep. Sorry we're not fortunate to hear all about it but hopefully your paper journal is helping. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you here in Bloggerville.

  15. Love John Mayer's too. Check my blog to prove it.

    I'll be your faithfull reader for your blog .... trust me. LOL

  16. Thank ya, Funktaculous. Things are OK, just lots going on with school kicking back up and all. Introspection abounds!

    Will, do, Maz!

  17. Oh Maz. Just went to your blog. Find some darker skivvies.


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