Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Miscellany

Did a big update of the sidebar links today. I added several miscellaneous sites to the "Snark" section including Disgruntled Housewife, Heartless Bitches International, Dubya Bubbles (go over and throw Dubya around...drag him by his head...toss him to and fro. It's great), and PostSecret. Of course, everyone already reads PostSecret, and I have been for a LONG time, but I'm just now getting 'round to a link.

I'm also preparing my very own PostSecret to send in. It's a delicate balance though...must find a combination of words and pics that won't inflame the whole world and send us all up in a cloud of radioactive smut. Actually, it would probably make you all say, "Oh, that poor girl." But fuck it. It's ANONYMOUS.

My favorite quote from Sister Carrie, by Theodore far anyway.

"When someone of her mind sees many things emphasized and re-emphasized and admired, she gathers the logic of it and applies accordingly. Drouet was not shrewd enough to see that this was not tactful. He could not see that it would be better to make her feel that she was competing with herself, not others better than herself. He would not have done it with an older, wiser woman, but in Carrie he saw only the novice. Less clever than she, he was naturally unable to comprehend her sensibility. He went on educating and wounding her, a thing rather foolish in one whose admiration for his pupil and victim was apt to grow."

One more chance keeps staring back.
Your little words and a shot of Jack.
You learn to leave,
You learn to leave,
Know when it's over.
I think I took too long to call you.

And you smile like no one knows you,
And you smile like no one knows...

Disco in the cold trying to forget you,
Then you come around,
Then you come around.
Dancing all alone you're holding all your secrets close.
Disco in the cold,
Disco in the cold.

--Majorette...."Disco in the Cold"

First conference coming up in three weeks or so. Holy shit I say.
Must: make hotel reservations, write one paper, read several books, buy new clothes, pimp self so as to have enough positive cash flow to cover the event.

This post brought to you by Manic-Andi now resisting sleep and dreading work tomorrow, not because it's unpleasant, but who wants to get up early?

Watching: Sex & the City
Listening to: "Mandolin Rain"...Bruce Hornsby


  1. Love to help you with the expenses thing, but that's all going towards Chicago!

    (btw--I prefer "big-assed" pervy-types to the Dharmas!)

  2. Ha! Liar.

    Shit. Chicago. I need a money tree.

  3. i absolutely LOVE your new hair!!! its so funky and makes me insanely jealous!

  4. The Dubbya bubble thingy is hilarious, it renews my faith in America's tradition of smartassness. However, some of the comprimising positions between the bubbles gives me the proverbial creeps. Seeing Dubbya's head between his ah-hum, southern regions, I mean does that give a whole new meaning to southern by the grace of god? I hope I won't have nightmares. Do you think a little mugwort will remedy that? haha.

  5. Thanks, AMS! "Funky" seems to be the most popular opinion of it, and I'm tickled with that. :)

    LOL, fem! Yeah, it's a little obscene at times, but being able to throw him at will makes up for the eeeewww-factor.

  6. Did you know there is a PostSecret book? I saw it at B&N today and thought of you. Looks pretty cool!

  7. I know!!! I want it soooo bad. Will buy it after conferences are over. :)


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