Monday, January 09, 2006

Writing writing writing writing writing....

Had a productive lunch with the prof today. She gave me some excellent feedback on my paper. Too bad I won't have time to implement much of it before the damn thing goes off for the grad student awards, but that's OK. I'll be revising for publication soon. That makes me all gurgly just thinking about it. Oy.

Scooby is at the vet. We called today and his sugar is already coming down WITHOUT insulin so far. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that he doesn't need shots and the food will take care of it.

My uncle is still a moron.


  1. Scooby doobie doo! I am so glad he's responding without shots! That would be the pits for him and you.

    And sorry about the uncle. Give him a good smack on the head with a frying pan.

  2. Me too! He probably gets to come home tomorrow, and then he'll go back in for tests in 2 weeks.


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