Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Be in the moment....

Picture it with me. Goose emerges from his shower. His hair is a bit droopier after a washing. He looks surprisingly like Jesus; especially with a towel on his head. All he really needs is a rope to tie around and maybe a hammer. He coughs the hacking, wheezing, toenail ripping cough of an 80-year-old Jewish hospice patient.

I say, "And Jesus coughed."

Jeremy says, "Isn't that the shortest verse in the Bible?"

I reply, "Jesus coughed. And the platypus came into the world."


  1. I think Bunny's comments about Cherita (and Karen Pomeroy and DD) were right on target.

    I wanna know what you think about the concepts of sacrifice and reality in regards to this movie. And the placebo, I wanna know what you think about that.

    Totally off subject of your Jesus post. I should show you my Jesus picture. But I'd burn in hell if I did.

  2. Hmm. I don't remember Bunny making comments about Cherita. Of course it's early, so that's not terribly distressing.

    As for sacrifice....I watched The Last Temptation of Christ and DD parallels it almost EXACTLY. Right down to the opening scene with Donnie laying on the ground. Freaky. So if Donnie is a Christ figure we see even more evidence of that in the Last Temptation parallel (that was the other movie playing when he and Gretchen went to see the Evil Dead). On another level, it gives us input into Donnie's experience as it happens. Did the Tangent Universe really exist and he lived this different life or was he just given a peak into the future and a choice like Christ in Last Temptation? Ambiguous. I love it.

    As for reality, well, technically Donnie could be considered an unreliable narrator given his mental instability and it might've all been a hallucination.

    Haven't figured out the placebo. I also can't peg down Karen Pomeroy's role and I'm still mystified by Cherita. I almost see Pomeroy and Cherita as watchers...guardians. Some of the few who seem to understand Donnie. There's also this see no evil/hear no evil kind of thing going on. We often see Karen quietly peering through her glasses at Donnie, and Cherita is always sitting behind Donnie wearing those earmuffs. I dunno.

    More thoughts always appreciated!

  3. I think I'm going to bring some twine to the Writing Center so we can begin work on braiding the crown of rope for Jesus' turban. That should take up some time and relieve us from boredom.

  4. Heather,
    Our Donnie Darko convo or the Jesus post? lol ;)

    Amen, Elise. I'd braid a jock strap to alleviate the boredom right now.

  5. A&E--
    I have one you could braid.
    Does it matter if it's clean? That could take a while.

  6. Clean is requested but not required. That's just how bad the boredom was.


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