Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blog Horn

...blowin' for my bitches. Two of my "real life" friends have started blogs, and you should go bask in the goodness.

Jeremy (aka J-rod, J-dawg, J-money {he's cringing right now}) has started

A Disturbed Universe. He's been hovering over on my sidebar for a while now, but I wanted to officially blow the horn on him.

Goose (Daniel) has started Lord Lord John Lord Grandmaster Journeyman Animal Tamer Poetry. He keeps changing the name and the description, so I've linked him as Goose: Master Poetry Poopsmith.

These are the crazy effers I get to work with and drink with. Cheers my lovelies. Now we just need to sucker Elise into blogging.


  1. I still doubt that E. will jump on the bandwagon. It's too much safer to be on that side of the peephole.

  2. Ha! She's writing a journal article about voyeurism as we type.

    *waves at the corruptor*

  3. yayy, can't wait to check them out. If you're endorsing them then they must be allllright!

  4. Great potential. Now if I can just convince them to keep it up.

  5. Blowin Bitches sounds like a porno! :p

  6. Love me some blowing bitches!

  7. So here is something completely random- guess who emailed me this week??? JESSICA BOWEN! what the heck??

  8. Clack,
    I still think that's crazy.


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