Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blogaversary....shine on!

The day has arrived...my one-year blogaversary!!

I'm actually not as excited about it as I might normally be because I had a blog before this one that ran for about 6-8 months...before I was urged to give it up. So, I feel like an old pro. Or maybe just old.

I've provided you all a beautiful designer cake from Elegant Cheesecakes. And I think it's time for presents.

Leave a comment telling me what sort of outlandish gift you would give me if I wasn't some stranger on a blog in a faraway land.

And if you're a lurker who's been reading for a while but you've never commented, you're warmly encouraged to say hello. Anonymous commenters welcome for one day (maybe two).

In other news, I'm thinking seriously of buying my own domain and starting a webzine, and I'd like to recruit some of my bestest bloggin' buddies to write for it. Men, don't feel bad if you don't get asked because it'll most likely be a snarky chick rag.

Must go stuff envelopes! I'll be back later!


  1. Ah, the new euphemism--stuffing her envelope...

    Congrats on your blogaversary here! I was flabbergasted to find that my first comment to you wasn't until March 29th!

    "'...vomitously horrid.' I like that."

    Hope you stick around for a long, long time. Good luck with the webzine idea!

    For an outlandish gift--I'm going to get you a job as a beta tester for the entire line of Dr. Claw products. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate!

    Happy Blogaversary!!

  2. happy blogaversary! for your birthday Im going to send you some rubber gloves, a jar of homemade strawberry jam and a clockwork mouse. do what you will with them.

    or maybe just some nice perfume and lacy undies!

  3. I would send you Gavin Degraw as your personal Man-Wife and Sex Slave.

    And the webzine sounds great. Just no fish journals....

  4. Happy Happy! I would get you a lifetime subscription to Bust Magazine, delivered complements of your crush-o-the-mo monthly. And a de-lic-ious Indian dinner every week for a year.

    The webzine sounds fantastic! Can't wait to read it!

    I missed my blogaverary. It was the 10th. :(

  5. I would give you access to an unlimited library of music to satisfy your musical soul. Happy Blogaversary....

  6. well since amanda is giving you gavin i suppose I will throw in Amy Lee all wrapped up in a sexy red and black corset from Fredericks.

    oh, and chocolate of course.

    congrats on putting up with us for a year! i dont know what our little community would do without you.

  7. Happy B-Day (hee hee). Webzine sounds like a great idea, keep us updated if you do it!!

  8. Holy shit. She's a my blogaversary too!

    I didn't even realize until I went and looked up my first entry, lol.

  9. Way to go, A-train!!

    I think I'll take you on a trip for your blog-aversary and get you drunk. Be prepared. I'll be in town on Thursday.

    P.S. I'm writing from the hospital, surrounded by death

  10. andi,
    how about your own print magazine? I'll pretend to be powerful enough to make it happen.

    Also, if your chick rag needs a male columnist to garner lots of hate mail, I'd like to nominate myself.

  11. Todd,
    You know, I'd already imagined you in that role. Sort of a snarky, man/Onion type thing. You shall be hearing from my people.

  12. WOW, you all know me SO WELL. Better than most people do in real life (obviously with the exception of Jeremy, because he nailed my wants right on the head).

    Dr. Claw would come in SO HANDY right now. Thank God for small blogaversary miracles and the tampson stash at work.

    I have no idea what the fuck I would do with all that together, but seperately they are quite luscious. I'm a big fan of strawberry jam, and a clockwork mouse sounds like a GOOD TIME. I like undies and perfume too. Maybe in a clockwork mouse in lace undies.

  13. Ooh, Amanda. A woman after my own heart. Make sure Gavin brings his own palm leaf. And I have no idea what a fish journal is, but I can certainly imagine.

    I would give my left arm (worthless thing) for Indian RIGHT NOW. We had gas station Indian food yesterday and it wasn't quite the same. Good, but not AS good. I will take Jake G. delivering my BUST for the next 5 years. I'm all about committment.

  14. ANd Heather, it's NEVER too late to celebrate your blogaversary!

    Anti-Hero! You're my HERO! My soul needs a lot of quenchin'.

    You made my breath catch in my throat with girl-admiration and a tiny bit of lessie lust thrown in. It's SUCH an Amy kind of day. It's been my pleasure to be amongst this most wonderful blog community for a year. I *heart* you all dearly.

  15. Wooo! Happy blogaversary, Soj!! I love your blog hard.

  16. J-rod,
    JUST WHAT I WANTED! Will you take me to Arkansas??? PLEASE? And how the hellfire did you get hold of a computer at the 'spital?

  17. For your blogaversary, I'd like to impart you with a giant, throbbing red heart as a symbol of my wuver-doverness (hee, hee) for you. I'll give it to you on Thursday in hopes that you will wear it all weekend.

    Or, I could just buy you a few drinks this weekend.

  18. Andi, my gift to you is an all expense paid, two week, or heck, make that four week trip to Hawaii with Jake Gyllanhaal. No room, just you and him naked on the beach, basking in eachother's glory, drinking margaritas, eating luscious fruit, listening to the music of rolling waves, and having multiple orgasms with only Mother nature looking on. No need to thank me, I know I am an incredible friend haha.
    Love and snark,

  19. E. That is the most fantastic gift EVER. Can it bleed a little?

    And I say yes to drinks. I'll have a Long Island the size of my head.

  20. FEM!! That's the most fantastic thing I've heard in all my life. I have to go watch Donnie Darko now and....

    Well, just watch Donnie Darko.

  21. Oh, and Fem, you REALLY need to blog.

  22. I'm late. Damnations :)

    But as an extra-special birthday gift, I wish that I could ensure you never, ever have to watch the film Casanova. it truly is awful.

    I went to see it last night, so it is stuck in my head and colouring my entire experience today. Worst. Film. Ever.

  23. My congratulations to you!

    I'll read more, then come back and make some sensible comments. (that ought to be a new and different experience for me!)

  24. EEww, Fence, that's very kind of you. Someone else also told me it was horrendous. Blessings on your head.

    Thanks for dropping in, Wop!

  25. I know I'm late.
    Happy Anniversary!


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