Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gone wild again....

Alright my lovelies...I'll be at a conference in Little Rock, Arkansas until Sunday. Pray for my soul.

I had a whole post on a gang of cats planned out, but it'll just have to wait.



  1. Have a good time again! And kick butt too!


  2. I want your job. I want to travel to exotic places too like Little Rock. Did you ever see that HBO special on gangs in Little Rock? It was called Bangin' in Little Rock.

  3. damn. i want to read about the gang of cats. seriously. do they throw down in the middle of the street and tie on their bandanas and pull out their switchblades, cause that would be way cool.

    i must know more.

    have fun, dont miss us too much. blog from the hotel conference center.

  4. Gone wild? I have some beads for you...


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