Friday, February 24, 2006

Hang over me....


Woot woot! The effin' Hyatt in Abuquerque didn't have a business center, but the Comfort Inn in Little Rock does. Go figure.

So I've boasted here about the fact that I am rarely hung over and never yak post-drinkage. Well, the winning streak came to a splattery end last night. I hit the trash can, don't worry. I woke up early morning'ish feeling as if my tongue had spontaneously outgrown my mouth. I didn't have cotton mouth, I had Peter-effin'-Cottontail mouth (going easy on the cursing so as not to kick off the filter on this godforsaken computer).

I went to my first piano bar, and it was a rollicking good time. I don't think I've ever scream-sang my way through Sweet Home Alabama the way I did last night. Boy howdy.

Our suite isn't sweet.

Lunch was Italian. Fruit is good.

I love water.

More later....


  1. You ARE a party animal! Glad to hear you're no longer a virgin!! Were there witnesses, or do we have to take your word for it??

    Hope you're having fun (duh...). If you ever get to Vegas, they have dueling pianos playing at New York, New York. I spent about 5 hours there one night with similar results!

  2. Piano bars..we have a couple here. I've been meaning to go to one. I think I may have to now.

  3. Os, there were witnesses. Jeremy handed me the trash can, handed me a towel, and then watched me pass out. E may not have been coherent enough to witness, and I think the Goose was already asleep.

    I would eat that Vegas shit up. Went back to the piano bar last night and didn't have quite as superlative a time, but pretty good nonetheless.

  4. Anti,

    I think you'd have a fuckin' blast. Go. Trust me. But go on a Thursday when it's not so crowded and they're not pulling drunk fucks up on stage to ass-rape them because it's their birthday.

  5. I've never been to a piano bar but sounds like a blast. Hope you're feeling better. Your description of the hangover is brilliant. I felt that way yesterday and it just kept getting worse as the day went on~ I did almost hurl numerous times throught the day and that is generally not like me!

  6. Funky,
    Get thyself to a piano bar immediately!


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