Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hmmphf & Donnie Darko

Silly me made a bet of sorts with my friends that I can refrain from making any sexual comments (even innuendo) for a week. Watch. Me. Lose. Actually, to my great advantage I'll only see my friends approximately 2 days out of the next 7 thanks to the New Mexico conference. Jeremy mentioned my "obnoxious little sexual comments" which is what brought this on. I can make all the sexual comments on my blog that I want, so I say, "Jeremy, kiss my tookus." And I mean that with sincere admiration and the highest esteem. And good luck teaching tomorrow (which will probably be today when you read this).

So I'm thinking of a paper to write over Donnie Darko. Most will think I'm nutty as a fruitcake for writing about a movie, but I'm a grad student and writer, and film falls into the English category, so watch me go.

This is the key:

Deus ex machina (deus ex māchinā, plural deī ex māchinīs) originated with
Greek and Roman theater, when a mechane would lower actors playing a god or gods on stage to resolve a hopeless situation. Thus, "god comes from the machine". The phrase deus ex machina has been extended to refer to any resolution to a story which does not pay due regard to the story's internal logic and is so unlikely it challenges suspension of disbelief; allowing the author to conclude the story with an unlikely, but more palatable ending.

But more importantly:

The notion of Deus ex machina can also be applied to a revelation within a story experienced by a character, narrator, etc, which involves the individual realizing that the complicated, sometimes perilous or mundane and perhaps seemingly unrelated sequence of events leading up to this point in the story are joined together by some profound concept. Thus the unexpected and timely intervention is aimed at the meaning of the story rather than a physical event in the plot.

So much to think about. Move along. I'm doing this for my own good so I don't forget it.


  1. Jeremy mentioned my "annoying sexual comments" which is what brought this on.

    I don't recall using that particular terminology. I was just commenting on the frequency factor, not the annoying factor. Plus, you seem to enjoy saying really random shit, if only to see the shocked looks on the faces of those around you.
    As always, I simply applaud your wittiness.

  2. Why can't I go to bed at a decent hour?

  3. I'm guessing you enjoyed Donnie Darko then?

    Which version did you watch, the original or the director's cut?

    I've only seen the original. Part of me wants to watch the other version, but then what if it is crap?

  4. I do apologize Sir Jeremy, I believe it was "obnoxious sexual comments"...not annoying.

    I do enjoy saying random shit, but usually it's more because my inner filter doesn't kick in quite in time to keep it from coming out of my mouth. Well, and to see the shocked looks on the faces of those around me.

  5. Good question, J-Rod. I was awake when you left the comment just gave up on the computer around midnight. Insomniacs unite!

  6. Fence,
    I saw the original version. I did read extensively about the Director's Cut, and while I'm sure I'll buy it, I'm slightly worried that it's gonna blow a little. I read of several scenes that the director cut and I LIKED those scenes! Oy! I'll probably do my writing on the original unless I find something that suits my purposes in the Director's Cut.

    And yes, I LOVED IT! So fantastic! And it had an English teacher in it! I'll be reading The Destructors probably today (while I need to be reading a book for another class).

  7. Please make all the sexual innuendos you want. I've got a filthy mind and I will totally appreciate them.

  8. LOL, thanks Cincy. I'm in good company!

  9. That sounds like a cool ass paper. I would ove to read it when you are finished.

    You should try to publish it, or present it at a confrence. My friend Clarissa did one on Jem and the Holograms, and how sexist and un-impowering it really is to little girls.

    As for the sexual innuendos, continue on. They are the spice of life!

  10. wait a minute, was this the first time you have seen the greatness that is Donnie?!?!?!?!

    One of the reasons why i havent broken things off with Paul is he has my copy of Donnie D.

  11. Nicky,
    I'll shoot it your way when I'm done. Now I'm at the point that I never write anything unless I think I can give it at a conference or try to publish it. I think this one would be good for a film journal (obviously, but not sure which one) or a pop culture journal given the cult status of the film.

    I just rented The Last Temptation of Christ to compare it to. Squeee!!!!

  12. Stepheroo,
    It was indeed the first time! Well, I take that back...I saw it for the first time three days ago and I've now watched it 4.5 times. In. Three. Days.

    I fuckin' love it. The smurfette scene is pure brilliance and I love Jake Gyllenhaal for his acting ability now, in addition to his luscious ass.

  13. Ooohhh much deepness going on in that lovely brain of yours.

    I really need to watch that movie so I'll know what the heck you are talking about ;)

  14. YES! You do need to watch it. It's so yummy and confusing and think-aboutable. I have ideas for at least three papers dealing with the movie and the short story they talk about in the movie. Oh! And the movie the movie was based on. Ugg.

  15. Andi, one of the best lectures I gave was on deus ex machina in Canadian Writers. We talked about how Atwood used the device in The Robber Bride.

    Unfortunately, I was teaching a bunch of idiots and only the four students in the front row got as excited as I was.

    I'd love to talk about this with you!

  16. Oooh, that sounds like a yummy lecture, Denaroo! When I get back from my conference and can think straight again I'll give you a holler. Would love to discuss it with you.


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