Sunday, February 26, 2006

On the road again...

Still in Little Rock. We'll be heading out in about an hour and a half (because that's checkout time). We've had a good stay, I must say. We made the most of a town that is a little less than stunning and there are pics to prove it. Not many pics. Just one really good one of Daniel and a few of the rest of us looking like ass. You'll see once I finagle the written permission out of Lil E, J-rod, and the Dan-Goose. Anyway, can't wait to get home. I've had a good time, I just want to be back in my bed with puppies curled up around me. And from what I can tell, my mother has plague, or at least she sounds an awful lot like it.

Travelogue to come....


  1. wow, sounds like I won't be heading to Little Rock anytime soon. Get home safely. In bed surrounded by cuddled up puppies sounds so yummy!

  2. LOL, good decision, Funky! I'm surrounded by puppies, watching Donnie Darko, and about ready to hit the sack. Heaven.

  3. Get thy butt back here!! We need updates!! And sorry I missed your blogversary; I'm a terrible friend.

  4. It's ok Cincy!

    I'm home now, but I haven't the energy to post my travelogue tonight. Maybe I'll be inspired in the morning.

    I should be asleep right now but I'm doing research for a paper. Woohaw!


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