Thursday, February 02, 2006

PostSecret got it right again....

I didn't make this one, but it could be me someday.

Anyone in the market for a good short story (Heather, Amanda, Dena, Jeremy, David) this. "The Destructors" by Graham Greene. It's part of what has thrown me into deep reflection. It's one of the main focuses in Donnie Darko.


  1. I think you have lots to say. Lots of entertaining and insightful things to say. I think you are blocked by your lack of confidence.

    At least I say that is what my problem is ;)

  2. I highly doubt that you'll have that problem. Most of the stuff you spew on your worst days is far better than anything 90% of us could come up with on our best!

    If inspiration ever does fail you, you can always go back to Dr. Claw. I could go back and read about him at anytime!

  3. Thanks, Heather! I think I am stuck. Maybe when I have time to focus on creative stuff it'll be OK after all. Right now I'm in academic mode...which is fun too...but I envy the creative writers.

    And I was REALLY happy to see that you've started back on your book. It's luscious!

  4. Thanks, Os. I've always got plenty to say about Dr. Claw. That sounds like a good name for a children's book long as no one in the publishing industry could dig up my old blog posts. Eek!

  5. Yeah, I can see where academic mode and creative mode wouldn't quite work together at the same time. Too much on the brain. Mine wouldn't be able to take that!

    And yeah, well, I had a major plot change and I'm rewriting. So my self-confidence is riding low right now. Perhaps I should send it to you again and get it perked back up :) Aaron seems to think it's good but I don't know.

  6. I hate plot (when I have to do them in my own writing) and rewriting makes my skin crawl, but keep your chin up...all part of the process. I'd love to read it, so send it if you'd like! I'm off tomorrow so I need some good reading material.

  7. I saw that one, and I thought of a few people I know, including myself. That's how I feel about art.

    However, we must push ourselves past these doubts. As enlightened people, we have more to say than we ever thought possible; we have to just push past the barriers

  8. That should be plot *changes.* Ugg.

  9. Well damn, Nicky. That's downright inspiring, and I'm gonna go work on some writing.


  10. Thanks for the link, meant to read that story ever since I first saw DD, but didn't.

    Course now that you've linked to it you are encouraging that sort of behaviour, and will be held responsible ;)

  11. Fence,
    Send me the bill when you destruct something. :)


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