Monday, February 27, 2006

The proof...

Here are a few of the prettier moments of the trip. The really gross pics are staying in the vault.

Jeremy...pre-drinks believe it or not. There would be more, but he needs to OK them before they're posted (gestapo).

An intense moment while watching curling. We love curling. We're going to start a street league.

The gang in action. Or about to be.

This is the way Goose sleeps. Yes, he's on his stomach with his head between two pillows. And he always has a towel somewhere near his head.

Elise. Passed out. Passed smoothe out.

Elise in her natural habitat.

The poster child for canned drinks. He took a flat of 'em home and doesn't he look happy about it?

Who is that woman in the corner in the glasses? It's me! It's me! Because it's only fair if I'm photo-outing all my friends.


  1. These pictures make me giggle. Especially the one of the Goose.

  2. Isn't that the truth? That should be my new template.

    And I just bought my own domain. (even though there's nothing on it yet). Watch out!

  3. I like the pic of us about to present, especially since I'm applying lip balm and I look like I'm doing something weird with my mouth.

    When can I see the rest of the pics?

  4. Thanks, Todd.

    Whenever you want. I'll bring 'em tomorrow if I think about it.

  5. Think about it, then, if you don't mind.
    What time will you be around?
    I may be in the library for part of the day tomorrow.

  6. I work 9-11 and I'll be back for coll.

  7. And when do I get to see the rest of them? I'm working in the mornings, and have rehearsals through Thursday afternoon, then the Rogue Festival all Thursday night, so Friday afternoon is the soonest I could get together. Does that work for you?

  8. I like curling too. It's very intense.

  9. Os! You're funny. You may have to stay in the dark on this one. ;)

    It IS intense!! Those curling mavens are the coolest thing ever.

  10. You hottie you with your Britney Spears sunglasses!

  11. Heather,
    Do you still have the same email addy? I really would love to talk with you about doing a website layout for the newly bought Estella's Revenge webzine.

  12. Nice shades Andi, and still lovin the nose ring!

  13. Thanks, Funky! I looked like hammered shit with no makeup, but the shades help hid an array of sins.

  14. love the pics - but there sure do seem to be a lot more of the others than there are of you. coincidence? i think not....

    that always happens when you have the camera- next trip someone else is in charge of taking them so we can see you in your natural habitat!


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