Saturday, February 04, 2006

Running on Empty

I've successfully driven myself into the ground over the last week. I've spent so much time up late reading for this or that class, writing this or that paper or blog post, and watching Donnie Darko that I want to sleep for three days. Better suck up all the sleep I can while I'm still in my own bed because I'll either be sleeping with someone next week (one of the chicks I'm rooming with pervies--and did I mention there are 4 of us in a room?) or on the floor in a sleeping bag.

Quote o'the day...compliments of moi:

Andi says:
it's called "networking" you know
Andi says:
but it's really thinly veiled whoring

I bought some cute stuff yesterday. Two pairs of dark grey, one black; a cream top that's sleeveless, got a weird v-neck thing happening.....a very thin v and rather plunging but still tasteful (I feel an HNT coming on); a sage sweatery thing to go over the cream for daytime or I can ditch it at night. I was pretty happy with the purchases even though it took 4 hours to find those few pieces.

With my sustained sanity in mind, I bought a portable DVD player today. I'll be watching movies on the 12-hour trek to Albuquerque instead of listening to incessant yammering. I WILL sit in the passenger seat or the middle seat so I can hook into the cigarette lighter. Pray for my soul.

TV: The American President
Listening: Rascal Flatts..."What Hurts the Most"
Reading: Words About Pictures (Nodelman)
In my head: The rumble of the past.


  1. How about plunging and not-so-tasteful? Just asking.

  2. Gotta be tasteful, otherwise the scholars' heads might blow up.

  3. Yeah, but you don't have to be tasteful for HNT (but we appreciate it). Damn, if Todd weren't up all night, I would have used the same line!

    You could probably sneak in a HNT pic with the sleeping arrangements, couldn't you?? Please?

  4. Considering I was buzzed and extremely tired, I think I showed admirable restraint.

  5. Os,
    Taking pictures of sleeping girls is a little creepy even for me. But I'll see what I can do.

    You're always admirably restrained. Well, 89% of the time.

  6. I love them hard, Tish. I wanna marry them all.


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