Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sluggish Sunday

I need to be doing work, but I feel like this:

Apparently Dash feels the same:

And here's a normal pic to counteract the horror:

Watching: Fat Camp? Only on MTV.
Reading: wah wah wah wah (Charlie Brown's teacher's voice)
In my head: Dust bunnies.


  1. Right now I'm totally swimming in the lake of your cuteness.

  2. Even after the bride of Frankenstein shot?? You're a good man, Todd.

  3. I feel like that first photo. Only with mad red runny eyes and a constatnly dripping nose.

    Cold season has arrived.

  4. Andi, you're hilarious. I can't stop staring at that first picture, despite the gorgeousness of you in the last.

    Is that your dog? Where is its eye!!!

  5. Denaroo, don't look directly at the first picture! It'll turn you to a pillar of salt!

    And weenie dog Dash lost his eye post catfight after it got infected. He's now our little pirate puppy. AKA, Piss Monster.

  6. You have a one-eyed dog. I have a one-eyed cat. they should totally, like, make one-eyed babies!

  7. The dog has the same Monday morning look I have.

    First pic - that's how I feel when I get asked stupid questions at work...

  8. Cyclops babies!

    Wop, I make that face when someone asks something stupid at work, too. It's a multipurpose face.


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